Thursday, September 24, 2009

She is wise....

This brief conversation took place in the van upon picking The Kid up from school yesterday.

The Kid: Mom, I want to go to Cub Scouts!

Tink (immediately shrieking from the back): You, neber go to Gub Scouts!!

Me: Listen to your sister.

She really is wise beyond her years. No offense, but I've never seen a professional Cub Scout sign a 3.2 million dollar contract and play at the Garden. Heck, I'd prefer the drama club, at least Jack Nicholson can get court side tickets. Close enough, I suppose. And let's get real, you don't want to date your brother's friends cuz they are an Eagle scout...Tink knows what she's looking forward too.

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The Mrs. said...

That is The General's exact argument for: soccer, gymnastics, dance, and cheer leading. I assume that list will expand to include any other extracurricular activity that he is not inclined to sit through. I believe that leaves the following options for our daughters: football, basketball, and Texas Hold 'Em tournaments in Vegas.