Monday, September 28, 2009

The basic difference between the #10 and #11.

The obvious difference between Tink and her cousin (remember they share much of the same DNA) their dad's are brothers and their mother's are cousins. (yes, that is legal in our state)

Let's try to get past that Tink is 10 days older than Eleven and yet she has to be at least 5 inches smaller. After taking this picture, I spent a little time on the Internet finding a Child's future Height Predictor website. It's guesstimated Tink will be 5 feet 1 inch on her 18th birthday. That would only be possible if she consumed ANY kind of vitamin other than french fries and pizza.

Let's address the wardrobe. This photo was snapped at noon on Saturday. You'll notice Eleven is dressed, hair brushed, socks on, probably even washed her face... yada yada. Our girl refused to dress that morning (and I didn't push since I also was still in pj's) she is wearing the shirt from the day before UNDER her pajamas, always the bare feet and do we have to go into the hair issue? That's pretty obvious.

Last, while they were modeling, I told them to take one picture standing still, one picture acting wild and the last picture being sweet. Eleven can nail sweet....which picture is most convincing on Tink? Is that an air guitar, future roadie???
Can't wait to watch these girls grow up together!


The Mrs. said...

Hilarious. Eleven is looking a lot like Five (and Five's momma) all of the sudden. Tink doing wild? Classic.

Sheryl said...

I noticed Tinks' eyes are glowing red. After reading your blog, I'm pretty sure that isn't from the flash on the camera......