Saturday, July 30, 2011

He needs a Ticket to Ride...

This week, at Bible School, Six was easily my high lite. Each day, he was more amusing than the last.
On Monday, we created Coupon Books. The idea being: each child would create 10 coupons of chores, to give their parents, to be more helpful.
Six immediately complained, if I made him complete this project, and then made him give the book to his parents, then they would make him do chores around the house. He was NOT feeling that.

His coupons read as follows:

Dear Mom,
I Owe You: 30 minutes of TV time, to watch with me.

Dear Dad,
I Owe You: Taking me to the DQ.

Dear Mom,
I Owe You: Cleaning my room (but not perfect).

Dear Dad,
I Owe You: Cleaning my room (but not perfect).

Dear Dad,
I Owe You: My Faithfulness

Dear Mom,
I Owe You: My Gratitude

Dear Mom,
I Owe You: A drawing

As he brought me his book, to tie together, I noticed the last was written incorrectly...

Dear (His own name)
I Owe You: (left Blank)
From: Mom and Dad

Me: Six, the last coupon is wrong.
Six: No, it isn't.
Me: This one is blank and you wrote it to yourself.
Six: I know! I figured if I have to do ALL that stuff for them... they should HAVE to do something for ME!

The next morning, I asked how to book was going.

Six: Fine... I guess. But I told my dad the book expires by the end of today. Well... every coupon but the last.

I laughed and told him, he was getting even more funny. I asked if age ten, would be his 'Funny Year'.

Six: Yeah... I'm pretty sure it's gonna be. I've been feeling like I'm pretty funny lately.

So here is to you... Day Tripper.
I hope 10, is your 'funniest' year yet.
Your humour was the best part of my week. Your presence is the best part of The Kid's day. And you have definitely been one of the best parts, of your parent's lives. Never has their been a child, more perfectly able to simultaneously induce a dramatic eye roll and a seriously amused laugh, from the adults, surrounding your show. You are brilliant, inquisitive, surprising and the very best fake-brother our family could have asked for.
Happy Tenth Birthday, Six!
We love you.


Unknown said...

Six we will gladly let you share any adventure we take The Kid on. We had a great time with you along on our Lincolnpalooza day. Happy Birthday! I know your 10th year will be amazing.

Doc said...

Happy 10th birthday!! We hope you have a great birthday weekend!!

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!

Flag Girl said...

Happy #10!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 10 nerd....I Love You! my most rewarding roll,-dadhol

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday to You!

Coach said...

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

I didn't forget you #6. You seemed so grown up at your party with your friends. It is going too fast. Love that smile and your Beatle songs. Love Gramma G