Monday, July 25, 2011

Yard Project #287

In a continuing effort to Cute Up our Slice of Corner... we finally finished a long over due project: Extending and painting our privacy fence. I sent a text early in the week, inviting several people to a Super Awesome Fence Building/Painting Party. A few very sorry souls, accepted our invitation.
I am pretty sure, they regret their RSVP.
Actually, I know for a fact, they hate us (me) for it, as The Commissioner vehemently exclaimed,
"You guys throw the WORST parties!!"

The work, was not exactly easy or fun...
but the increasingly uncomfortable (to put it mildly) heat wave gripping our area... well, that just made some people sorta angry-ish.

We (very unfortunately) witnessed one member of the crew, remove and then ring his shirt like a wet dish cloth. People literally gagged for 30 minutes following. I can still barely eat, without a dry-heave flashback.

The time-saving paint sprayer, took some sweet lovin to get warmed-up. Warhol got just a tiny bit moody (again, I am sure it was just from the heat and not his stupid brother and his extra stupid sister-in-law and their cr@ppy home-improvement projects...)
The Mrs. hand-shaking nervously paced, as Warhol became more irritated. But once the sprayer worked, we all rejoiced as if Skittles rainbows fell from the sky.

After all their hard work (and my super difficult trips for refreshments and pizza) the fence is starting to look pretty great. I am happy with the results and even more thrilled we have family to help us. Thanks again... Commish, Tlegner, Warhol, General and Coach. Nice work, boys!
A very special thanks to the morons that came back for more punishment, the next day.
I am grateful, you had a short memory!
(sorta like how I wish my memory would quickly erase that slow-motion dripping shirt.... ewww. It was no Top Gun Volleyball scene, that's for shiz.)


The Mrs. said...

That evening would have been significantly less uncomfortable had there been a breeze. Did you know that there wasn't one, not even a little bit? I can confirm this because I'm a detective in my spare time.

The General said...

Sweat is sexy

Unknown said...

I did not even notice the hard work going on outside. What I did notice was the 6 adorable little girls sitting together at the table for pizza. That was the picture you should have blogged! People want to see sweet girls, not sweaty men. The fence does look good!

ct said...

i'm super sorry we had to miss it after seeing and hearing about it! ;)

Tru Stories said...

Mrs.... you are a detective!
And funny.

I think the detective comment could be included in the category labled "Times the sweaty men, lost their normally sweet and cuddly personalities."

Anonymous said...

30 pk Busch Light,$, $60..half bottle of unwanted gifted wine,$0...comes to $4.50 per hr per man....not bad for a mostly fun day with the fam.

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

I did not witness the sweat ringing incident...however, I DID witness the the horror on everyone's face...even Warhol's.

Unknown said...

Sweetbreads just made that comment so everyone would know that it was not Warhol that did the shirt wringing.

Anonymous said...

Good save Sweetbreads!

arizon said...

oh good! i was hoping i could scroll thru the sweaty men for another day! awesome! :p