Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My...My... what Beautiful Grand-Children you Have!

It has been mentioned, a time or two, that the gene pool in this family, runs pretty cute. Beyond regular cuteness. And it really never hurts, to provide the world, with a little more photographic evidence....

My favorite part of the above picture, is not Nine's cute little tushie... but further in the background... the amazing, happy smile of Grandpa. This particular activity was "his idea and he really hoped it went well, so he could take the credit." (Never mind that Gramma actually ran about purchasing everything, including the candy, she placed inside.)

An observer may notice, sometime around the end of tomorrow's 'Slam Dunk Contest 2011' post, there are no photographs of the adult women of our family. Noooo... surprisingly, the men did not offer to take the children on a vacation and leave us to a hotel weekend, including pedicures and wine.
Our weekend temperatures hovered around 107 degrees (in the shade, in the evening) and it was quickly agreed, we would not document our adult lady faces as they slowly melted, for blog purposes.

Sure, yada yada... it may take pretty mothers, to create the above pretty children, all of THAT SAID:
A woman has a right to a little vanity... and after three days of swimsuits, s'mores and sticky sweat...
we have officially invoked that right.

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Coach said...

Nothing better then when Grandpa belly laughs after making a grandkid miss at the pinyata(no clue how to spell that).