Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Husband is 12 yrs old.

In an effort to stay cool, we are keeping the kids indoors, a bit more than I would like. Yesterday, in a moment of brilliance, Coach dug out an original Nintendo (you know, all the way from the 1980's!!) and set it up in the Kid's bedroom.
The Kid popped in the Original Mario Bros and started in... he was amused but repeatedly mentioned how 'old' the game was.

Later, after a Double Header Softball Game, the Coach returned home (After hours of Coach Time) and promised to help me get the kids into bed.

10:35pm: Coach starts by offering to get The Kid off to bed... with just one game of Mario.

10:50pm: I walk in, while dealing with a tired and bratty Coco.... I accidentally start watching the game. I am amazed that I can immediately remember where each mushroom or jewel is hidden in the bricks. I resist the urge to shout-out the hidden points to The Kid. I calmly mention to my mesmerized husband, "Coach... really, it is time for everyone to go to sleep.."

10:58pm: I stroll back in... Coach is STILL playing and smearing The Kid. Coach is bouncing around hidden worlds, The Kid has never heard of. I tell a sweet story, of how Grammy was a Mario FuReeaKK!! (I would find her hiding in a dark room, barely eating, in her 'winter sweater' playing til her hands were numb.) The Kid hysterically laughs, as if this Grammy story, is the best he has ever heard.
Coach is STILL playing like a Mad Man. I give him 'the look' he purposely jumps Mario to his death, to give The Kid a turn. (Coach still has 3 lives left.) Though he acts, as if he has literally 'died for me..'

11:10pm: I re-enter the room. I catch myself, nearly yelling at The Kid, for not knowing how to jump all the way to the TOP of the flag. I AGAIN remind Coach, it is time for 'the children' to go to bed!

11:18pm: I walk back in and say "Seriously, boys. It is time for bed. You two need to turn off the video game and listen to your mother. NOW." They both say, "Ok... Mom." without turning to look towards me. But continue to play.

11:28pm: I enter for the last time. Coach is STILL playing. I say, "Not cute anymore. Coach, grow up and turn off the game. Let's just pretend to show some maturity. I'm not playin."

11:31pm: Finally. Game Over.
At least until tonight.


Unknown said...

I have a video problem. It could be on the addictive level. It started with the football game in the late 70's. Some of you might know what I'm talking about. It was a handheld game. It moved onto Frogger, Mario. I asked for my own Gameboy for Christmas. That one about did me in, Tetris. Later it was Bejeweled on the computer. Now, I just say NO. I have to. I CAN'T STOP!!! I can promoise these games had something to do with my two carpal tunnel surgeries!

Flag Girl said...

I would have tucked myself into bed at 10:50....never to return to that room.

ct said...

that is AWESOME! don't forget tetris! that is my favorite!!!!

Cath said...

Contra- 50x guys: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B A B Select Start.

The Mrs. said...

Cath, that is the most amazing thing I have seen or heard all week. Nice!

Doc said...

I'm with Flag girl...
One and done!!