Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shelbyville Family Trip 2011

We have just returned from our annual family summer trip. Our Fan Favorite Cousin Picture (not necessarily a favorite for the actual cousins taking the picture but a sure favorite of mine!!)... continues to grow and change. We were missing Cousin Two (due to work obligations) and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Cousin Fourteen (in a matter of weeks).... but thus far: It's a pretty adorable group.

Stay Tuned for the following Posts:

"My... What beautiful Grand-children you Have!"


"Slam Dunk Contest 2011"


Unknown said...

Coco is not happy!

The Mrs. said...

My favorite part of these pictures is not the visual proof of how much children change from year to year. Instead, I seriously heart the progression of Warhol boy's smile, from painfully awkward to scene stealing awesome. It gives me hope that some day my daughters might actually be able to take a decent picture with pretty smiles and open eyes without a hundred attempts.

The fact that Tink has the exact same expression in all three pictures runs a very close second.