Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Water Park.

Grammy had a vacation day and declared we needed to visit a water park. Typically, my body and soul are infinitely more comfortable in a pool than on a beach... but my new friend "Park 2 Park Blister" was not excited about five hours walking around a giant pool. Talk about 'feeling the burn'.

Apologies for the graphic pic, if you may be snacking while blog surfing. Now, if you are someone with a creepy foot fetish, today is your day! Please do not bother saving 'Tru Stories' to your Favorites. I can promise this will be my only Foot Shot.

Extreme blister pain aside...
The kids loved the water park.
Though, I was again reminded, my children know how to 'Save Their Drama for Their Momma'.

Drama for Momma Part One:
While Grammy and The Kid were water sliding...
In a 3 minute span, my daughter suffered a near-violent gagging/puke after a accidental gulp, while the other may have suffered an unfortunate wet-that's not just a fart- incident, resulting in an emergency run to the bathroom and swim suit clean-out in the shower. To save their dignity (what's left of it) I will not divulge which suffered what.

(This painfully uncomfortable pic, perfectly captures their reluctant brother/sister relationship.)

Drama for Momma Part Two:
Sometime around the 'starting to wear contact lens' portion of my life, I became OveR water slides. The Kid convinced me to join him for Just One double tube slide. We (Me, The Kid and Our friend the blister) hiked up the staircase and patiently waited in line, only to have the Break Whistle sound as we were 2 riders back. The 'too serious for their jobs' lifeguards attempted to insist ALL children must leave the platform for 15 minutes, even those in-line. Me, my glare and my blister.... insisted that was 'unnecessary' and The Kid and I remained off to the side and waited.
While they sent several adults, quickly down the 3 slides... The Kid informed (bored) me about various crop formations and insects...etc. As he dramatically told me facts, an Emergency sound alarmed the platform and immediately shut down ALL water to the slides. Frantically, the lifeguards raced around, yelling and desperately trying to discover what happened and if the current 3 riders were skidding down a dry slide.
The Kid and I casually watched the excitement.... until one lifeguard realized, in a moment of dramatic story telling, The Kid had unknowingly bumped the Emergency Off Button, with his elbow.
Of course. Only my child could accidentally shut down a water park, while enthusiastically describing the life cycle of an insect. Thankfully, the teenage male life guard found this completely hilarious... and we were not thrown out of the park. Now... if he had discovered the 'wet fart fiasco'... that could have been another story all together.

Water Park with Grammy.... Check.
Summer of Fun, still in progress.


Munchkin said...

1. please don't post pictures of your gross blisters, I gagged a little

2. sharts are funny

3. It's not really hard to figure out who it was since one is still in diapers, or did she potty train since Monday?

The Mrs. said...

I was totally thinking it was Tink who sharted. Tink doesn't get her face close enough to the water to risk water inhalation like you described thereby making her the default bathroom emergency. Whoever it was, you know I sympathize with you on the gagging/near puking incident. I was struck with paralyzing fear just reading about it. Oh, the flashbacks of the dirty looks I received when my child was responsible for clearing out an entire section of the pool...

Arizona said...

wow! blog & comments alike, no public pools for my kiddos.
luckily pools are a dime a dizen out here.

Munchkin said...

could you please post something else so I can stop seeing that picture every time i click on your page

Unknown said...

Munchkin - Guess you never wanted to be a podiatrist. At least being a Dr. of Pharmacy you do not have to look at feet.