Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dropping The Ball....

July 2011, will officially go down, as the lamest blogging month of Tru Stories history. Not because I didn't have the material but because we have been so bleepin busy, I simply have not had the chance to sit at the computer. I did chronicle our trip to Shelbyville, swim lessons, Cubs game, pool days... but a few other events were slighted their appropriate blog time.
For example:

1. We hard-core crashed the heck out of a stranger's wedding. If you hear the story according to Flag Girl and Coach, Hollywood should make movie from our adventure. In reality, we were in a 'Double Wedding Hall' holding two receptions. ONE we were actually invited too. Mid-reception, we learned the Other Room, housed an ol' fashioned photo booth. And we wanted a piece of that action. It took another hour for Coach and Flag Girl to (liquid courage) talk themselves into the Crash. I led the charge, as we snuck in the very back, sprinted over to the booth, snapped our pics, signed Coach's name (both couples) to the official photo book and darted out, just as quickly.

Once in the hallway, Coach and Flag Girl, high-fived the heck out of each other, congratulating their bada$$ness. They were PUMPED.
And I have committed to finding a photo booth for our next Relay Dance. Because A.) they are fun and
B.) The lighting is surprisingly very flattering!

2.) This July, Coach and I decided we were Cash Money. First, we flaunted our wealth by purchasing a Temperpedic Cloud bed. (Princess and The Pea Coach declared his poor back, just could NOT suffer one more night on a 'regular folks bed').
Next, we bought ('bought' as in, sold our soul to a dealership devil and will actually own said vehicle in maybe 87 payments.) a new van.
I know... I should have blogged out of extreme excitement... except, I sorta Hearted my old white van. It was quickly breaking down around us but it was MINE and I loved it. So I had a little mourning period.

See ya, Ol' Whitey. You were good to me and mine but apparently we are super rich now and can't be drivin around in a rusty clunker. (deep sigh..)

3.) I snapped The Greatest Cannonball extreme action shot, of all times. Just an FYI.

4.) The kids and I attended Bible School. (No... not cuz I needed the religion) I was the Art Coordinator.
Waking up at 7:30am did not mesh well, with this home. We like the night-life, we are NOT early birds.
Day Three:
Both girls had been up and dressed...
and then snuck back into bed.

20 minutes following Day Five...

My girls were tired, grumpy and totally over VBS.
Our summer life is wearing them out.
And I feel their pain.


Unknown said...

Whenever I am grumpy this week I will pull up this blog. The picture of Commish cracks me up. The pictures of my sweet girls sleeping makes me happy.

Coach said...

I did not realize that my name was signed by both couples.

Anonymous said...

The dumpy goofy look and pose on Co Co Cat in front of the van...kills me! I cant stop looking at her. -chucklehol

Flag Girl said...

Commish is my new desktop picture at work....