Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tink Talk on a Thursday

Tink and I took a late-date to Wal-mart.
She was exceptionally well-behaved. Sweet, helpful and an absolute delight.
(Seriously. I actually mean that!)

As I drove out of the parking lot, this conversation occurred. This is as accurate as possible.

Me: Tink, thank-you for coming to Wal-Mart with me. You were so good tonight. You are my best friend.
Tink (HUGE eye roll): Moooommmm... I am NOT your friend. I am jus your daughter.
Me: I know you are my daughter but you are also my friend, because I like being with you.
Tink (if possible, an even more dramatic eye roll, with a deep sigh): I jus can't be your friend. You hafta be daddy's friend. I have odder friends that are not you.
Me: I know you have lots of friends but you are my friend too. Moms and daughters can be friends.
Tink: Ok... but I jus think, you hafta be daddy's friend, cuz he lobes you more. Cuz... he has a mom. And her name is (Edit) and she has FOUR kids and he is the littlest, last baby.
Me: Gramma has 5 kids...
Tink: WHAT??!! Fibe? That is too many!
Me: I know...Right?!
Tink: Welb... it's jus... Daddy was her baby. He had diapers. Then he got big and he felb in lobe with you because you are taller than him. Then he gabe you a ring and you got married. So now, he hasta be your friend. And he has a sista. And she is habing a birthday. And that is CRAZY! Cuz girls can't habe birfdays when they get big. But Aunt (Edit) can habe one, I guess, cuz she is nice. She is old like you. And you guys have bigger... ummm.. bras. And I will have um... bras, when I am big. And.. Daddy lobes you. Cuz you are taller and bigger. Soo, daddy can jus be your friend. (eye roll) So... ok, mom?

There are SOOO many moments, in this 30 second exchange, that were hilarious...
She can't be my friend, she already has enough.
Coach fell in love with me because I am taller.
Her Gramma had a crazy amount of kids.
Even trying to compare my 'ummm... bras' to Doc's.
Old girls can't have birthdays.
Coach wore diapers.

Man... that girl is funny.

**Also, the picture had no correlation to the story, I was just attempting to deep breath and cleanse, from the sweaty fence guys...


Unknown said...

That is a beautiful Tink picture. I cannot believe you appeared so weak to Tink. You practically begged her to be your friend. Showing a weakness never wins points with the Tink. I am your Mom and I will be your friend. Not your best friend because I have odder friends too.

Anonymous said...

You seemed to have hit a lot of subjects. Smart girl that Tink. But as to Gramma having too many kids. Four being enough, that makes Coach #5. If we quit at 4, there would be no Coach, no Tru Stories, and NO TINK. That would be sad not to have Tink(and Bryson, and Kit) in our lives. I am glad we had too many Kids! Love them all. Gramma G

Doc said...

Beautiful picture!! I'm glad she knows there are other "old" people out there!! Too cute

arizona said...

this is exactly what my Monday needed. If you see an extra 25 hits on this particular blog... don't get a big head (as big as your bra).... it's just me.