Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blue Crush.

Coco: Man, I am totally buggin.
These waves are mush.

St. Patrick: Dude, I hear that. It's glass out here.

Coco: Let's see if we can catch something... we ain't lookin to be no shubies. Let's hop on these sticks.

Coco: Dang.. you're a total paddlepuss.

St. Patrick: Don't hate!
My board is being seriously raked over.

Coco: I'm about to turtle roll this mother out! The swells are gnarly. Can't you catch anything??

St. Patrick: Lay off! I'm totally noodled from hangin ten at Pipeline this weekend.

St. Patrick: Mom! Coco's scammin all the killer waves. She's workin my head and now I'm all clucked out.

Coco: Sorry to be a heavy man... but I'm amped. I'm hitting these hollows hard. I've been working my core and it's really paying forward, my balance is totally sick! It's epic out here...

Obviously, we are VERY far from an actual ocean.


Unknown said...

That is hilarious. Did you have a ghost writer?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, other than a tasty wave and a cool buzz......I have no idea what the hell your talking about! -Spicolihol

The General said...

I didn't understand the post at all, but that was my new favorite "hol" signature.

Chili said...

Poor St. Patrick. Looks like Coco kicked him in the oysters!

Tru Stories said...

I've never mentioned that summer in college, I spent in California, learning to surf??
Obviously, that is where I picked up the slang. It certainly wasn't a Google Search for 'List of Surfing terms'.....