Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two Days Later.

1 StretchTastic Yoga Class.
1 Unsuccessful call to The Warrior Dash promoters to urge/convince them, Coach's given name is NOT Justin and we would appreciate a Results update.
2 Slow Walks.
2 Applications of Neosporin to scraped knee.
20 minutes scrubbing the bottom of Shower on hands and the unscratched knee.
2 loads of laundry.
4 Showers.
A removal and subsequent repaint of toe and finger nails, to dig out the last bit of dirt.

I have nearly completely erased the lasting effects of the Warrior Dash. Except this little Nugget:
While viewing the pictures with Tink.

Tink: Why do you haf all that mud?!!
Me: I ran (slow jogged) in a race.
Tink: Did you Winned?
Me: Well, there were lots of people.
Tink: But did you winned?
Me: I finished and I did all the obstacles!
Tink (eyeroll): But did you WINNED?
Me: Well, no.
Tink: Ugh! Why didn't you winned??
Me: I beat Akenna's Daddy!
Tink: I really think you needed to winned. I don't like for you to be the loser.
Me (one part feeling worthless and one part HATING my husband's daughter): Sorry, to disappoint.

General, this should help you warm back up to me. I now, understand how it feels to have a Snotty Girl, take the wind out of your sails.