Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey.. Coco??!

Would you like to take a little evening swim?
It will be very refreshing. Just you, your sista, the evening breeze... oh... AND

... about 437 mosquito bites!
Summer in the Midwest, Good Times.
And it's not even July yet...


Chili said...

Cheap way to ride your lawn of Squiters. 1 cup of lemon bleach to 1 gallon of water. Spray lawn, bushes and mulch. Works like a champ.

Unknown said...

Looks like Chili should start his own blog. He could be the next Martha Stewart.
Chili will the bleach hurt the grass?
Also, if you keep a dryer sheet in your pocket it helps keep the squiters away.

Chili said...

No it didn't when I used it, but I am not liable in any way, shape or form for determental actions caused by my suggestions on this blog or from any verbal advice I may give.. I here listerine works also.