Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Overheard Yesterday....

My version, of our day at the pool...

Overheard #1:

Me: Are you taking Punkin to the bathroom AGAIN?

The Mrs: Yep. I swear... The girl swallows half as much water, as she is swimming in.

Overheard #2:

Me: Coco isn't wearing a swim diaper.

The Mrs: I noticed....

Me: Well, I figure those swim diapers really don't hold the pee anyway... and I feel like we've had some pretty solid talks about not pooping in her swimsuit.

The Mrs: (disapproving silence)

Overheard #3:

Me: Coco, don't drop your cracker in the pool.

Me: Coco, don't eat that wet cracker.

Me: Coco, don't lick that boy's noodle. That's gross. (actually referring to a pool toy, though after the reprimand, I realized that last line is sound advice for several decades into the future.)

Not Exactly Overheard #4:

Me taking a chip, using said chip to scrap the extra nacho cheese off Coco's chin and then feeding her the same 'dipped' chip.

Final Assessment: Lovely day. Not relaxing, refreshing or calming but still a nice start to our summer.

***Footnote: Pictures stolen from Mrs's blog. If you desire a sweet, well written, more detailed version of our day, please stop by Life and Times....

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The Mrs. said...

Watching Coco devour that tray of nachos was by far the highlight of my day (although it did then make me slightly cautious - but not disapproving - about her lack of swim diaper). The face scoop and subsequent feeding was a classic maneuver. No sense wasting perfectly good cheese.