Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Orleans Vacay Part Deux...: The Big Easy's Charms.

As I have repeatedly stated, I seriously Heart New Orleans. I have never, visited another location in the United States, where I immediately wanted to return. If I had the means, I would have called a realtor yesterday and purchased a vacation place in the Quarter, site unseen. I love the colors, the energy, the iron railings with cascading flowers. I love the shutters with bright chipped paint, the food, the European history and it's lasting influence.
I find The Big Easy, extremely charming:

(A surprise Jazz performance on Frenchmen Street)

Now... The UnCharming.
(The Commitment to Keepin It Real)

It was Hot. Seriously Hot. I would definitely recommend a trip during the month of May. The phrase "Back Sweat" was repeated frequently and more often, than I have ever discussed any other sweat. There was also Face Sweat, Arm Sweat, Hair Sweat and somebody mentioned a little Butt Sweat.
The Heat, combined with a fairly large Cajun Festival, left a potent order wafting in the thick air. While many of our group loved much of the trip... I am pretty sure the Heat/Stank combo, lost Clark for good.

Otherwise, The Quarter is beautifully intoxicating.
So.... who's in for NOLA 2013????


ct said...

looks awesome!!!! and i am sure, i ton of fun!!! all the bright colors and buildings would amazing!!!! i am sure you guys had a BLAST!!!!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Count me in.

The Mrs. said...

Are you for realz wearing a cowboy hat? Love. Also, that picture of Sweetbreads & Warhol is my favorite from this trip posted to date.

I would like to state for the record that it's probably a good idea The General and I were not invited. If you grew tired of conversations detailing different forms of body sweat, you certainly would have been beyond repulsed by The General's favorite term to describe his own at times excessive sweat patterns. It's WAY grosser than arm pits, TRUST ME.

Anonymous said...

If SbB is in Im in.....-whatthehellisdrippingonmyshoeshol

Tru Stories said...

Yes, that is my new Cowboy hat from the market... and I am pretty sure I rocked the heck out of wearing that.

Unknown said...

I never thought there would be an opportunity to say this, "You look awesome in the cowboy hat." Remember when you used to wear that great White Sox Panama hat? That was a great look too.

Doc said...

I KNOW you rocked the heck out of that hat!! I was there to hear it!!

The General said...

Like I'm the only one who says "ball broth"