Friday, June 3, 2011

A Conversation:

Between Coach and I.

Me: How about when Tree said "Giddy-Up" the other night?! That was funny.

Coach: Tree is hilarious.

Me: He delivered it perfectly.
I love me, a good "Giddy-Up".

Coach: He was really on that night. At one point I looked over at Warhol and said,
"Man! You have the coolest Father-in-law."

Me (suddenly looking sorta hurt and confused): Ouch.

Coach: Oh... sorry.

Me: My Dad's got a pony tail.
What's cooler than a pony tail?

Coach: You're right.
Not much is cooler than a pony tail.


Unknown said...

Slow news day for the blog. Really searching for something to talk about when you go to the pony tail.

Arizona said...

Maybe if PonyTail got more blog love we'd have an easier time getting vacations...

ct said...

this did make me laugh! we say giddy up all the time?!! ;)


The Mrs. said...

I love the connection between the two: "giddy-up" and "pony tail". Classic.

Anonymous said...

Tre would look like Gallagher with a pony tail!