Monday, June 27, 2011

Coach and His Daughter....:

have just a bit more in common,
than their amazing blue eyes.

This past weekend, Coach's softball team, played in his favorite Summer Softball Tournament. Saturday evening, his team was scheduled to play 3 games. Coach was pumped about it ALL day. THREE games?? Ferget about the excitement!
Unfortunately, his team lost in the first game.
Coach likes to win. That is no secret.
But in the event of a loss, Coach never loses his temper. He never swears or blames others. He never tosses a glove into the dugout, he barely even deeps sighs. He is honestly, seriously... the best sport, I have ever met. After this particular loss, he calmly walked over to me and sat down. I tried chatting him up but he was quiet and sorta bummed.
After a few minutes of my attempting polite conversation, I finally said...

"Ohhh, poor Tink. Are you super bummed because the other kids got out of the van faster than you???"

Comparing him to his overly competitive daughter (who absolutely cannot be the last out of ANYTHING in this house)??? That made him smile. He was able to re-group. We called the most trouble making couples we know... and we had ourselves a nice little evening.
Little Bed, Bath and Beyond...
Some snake wrangling and Garage hopping.
Who even needs Softball??


Anonymous said...

Tru Stories comparing me to Tink was out of control funny. I feel her pain, I never want to be last out of the van either, who can't get out of the van fast anyway?

Unknown said...

I think Tru Stories could have written a blog titled, "Who needs softball?"

ct said...

i had fun! ;)