Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grab Yer Best Tube Top and Dig up der Savins from da yard...

Cuz tonight, we's headed to da Carnie...
It's Wristband night!
Nothin says SummerFun like catching a Staff Infection!
A Reminder of a few Age Old Questions.

1. Why does a Carnival always bring out A Particular Class (WT) of people?

2. How did they come to the conclusion, that was really the most appropriate outfit to wear in a public gathering with children present?

3. Are they hiding somewhere in a group, the other 10 months of the year?

4. Are they aware, the Radio Flyer Wagon, was not actually advertised to carry:
1 child
2 dirty Dog/Mutts
1 carton of Camel Smokes
3 opened PBR's

5. How in the heck, are they even able to afford a night at the Carnival? We'll drop $75 in two hours, on Ride Tickets and Snacks. Do they spend the calender year, saving their pennies, by pinching on:

A.) All forms of Dental Hygiene
B.) Current Hair Maintenance/Upkeep (If you are naturally a dark brunette, yet desire to be blond, please commit to the monthly touch-up)
C.) Properly Fitted Clothing
D.) The purchase of any Self-Help Book outlining Acceptable Etiquette for Polite Society as NOT:
-Growling swear words in the presence of children.
-Blowing smoke wherever you may please.
-Parking yourself smack in the middle of anything.
-Walking the fair grounds with your hand in the back pocket of yer boyfriend's jeans.
-Taking your Carnival Game Prize work of felt art home and hanging said picture in your living room.

Please feel free to answer.


Chili said...

Atleast Coco will fit in!

Tru Stories said...

Sometimes Uncle Chili is a jerk.

Unknown said...

Chili is dead to me. Coco is precious. Somewhat eccentric. She is also precocious.

Munchkin said...

that sounds like a Tuesday at work

Tru Stories said...

Welcome Back, Munchkin.
America was bored, without you.

Stephanie said...

I think a lot of those people are hiding out at RR Donnelleys...I think it might be a requirement to have missing teeth and be on midnights!