Tuesday, June 7, 2011


we actually experienced a nice evening at the ball field. This baseball season has been less than jolly for the parents, The Coach and the players. Fields one year later continue to be wrecked from tornadoes, concession stand still not rebuilt, game days plagued by below freezing temps or typhoon-like rain... and lets not get started on our 'new league drafting policy'.
Top that with a nephew pelted by SEVERAL wild pitches and our son in a 5 game hitting slump.... leaving the spectators (Me) slightly unpleasant.
But last night!! The boys were actively fielding, The Kid got a solid hit, Six got on base and scored, DW pitched very well, the weather was pleasant. AND. We. Won!!

Warhol got an arm work-out, repeatedly lifting Coco.

Dirty cousins, digging for dinosaur bones.

Kayla, delighted the crowd, by checking the tip of her nose. That is funny stuff.

The Kid, had a positive attitude EVEN after a morning at Basketball camp. It's super great he can read 3 grade levels up but really we Heart when he is athletic.

Our boys.
Below: A Flashback....

is Coach shrinking or are the boys growing like little bratty weeds?? Who just won't stop getting older.

Nothing better than a good game of baseball.


Coach said...

I think I was standing downhill from the boys.

Unknown said...

Coach needs a bucket to stand on!

Anonymous said...

They are 3 handsome baseball players. Coach's looks make up for his height!