Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2000 Characters is NOT enough!

They are currently accepting last minute reservations for the Oprah Show.
I submitted the following request:

I've never been to the show. I Triple Dog Heart Oprah. Hand to my little-chest-swear, I will leave my kids in a Road Runner dust cloud, to be there. I had an 'oprahiphany' while watching the Australian Adventure with my son. (we pretend it's the Reading Rainbow of his generation.) He apologized because I was not on the Ultimate Vacation and asked if I was going to cry. Insert 'Oprahany'. Australia, was not my Dream.
My two Celebrity Dreams would include:
A. Attending The Oprah Show.
B. Hangin with Julia Roberts, while I am on my A-Game Funny, making her laugh that giant awesome laugh, of hers.
Insert epiphany. The Ultimate Viewers had Their Moment. My Moment is me, in the Audience. Maybe I hug Oprah. (not like a stalker) Maybe this is her final show, with Julia. Maybe, I crack one of my best jokes. They decide I am Totally Awesome and invite me to Oprah's office for Post Show drinks with the OWN cameras. Maybe, me, Oppie and Jules exchange emails and become Besties spending weekends in New Mexico. My point is, I have to think smaller than Australia. Just love-sick-puppy me, in Your audience. I will do my best, not to randomly shout "Oprah, Be my mom, I love you!" Because, if I ran to Chicago, in a frenzy of excited screams and forgot one ticket for the woman who gave me life, she may never forgive me. Except, to ask how pretty Oprah looked in person. Please choose us as audience members. My fingers are crossed. I'm considering, launching an all-out campaign to realize my 'oprahany'. I'm not sure, my husband can stomach the small-town humiliation, when neighbors realize I am Coco for Oprah-Puffs! And if my husband, has hand-written Oprah the most heart-felt, eye-watering letter and her Cameras will Surprise! arrive at my door to whisk me away. I would sorta appreciate he give me a Head's Up, so I may shower before Noon and try to get my 3 children out of their jammies."

I don't know...
Do you think it was enough?
Go ahead people, launch the attack. I am sure it has been planned for months. Print the fliers. Place our T-shirt order. Flood the phone-lines. Submit emails. If you have Oprah's personal phone number, maybe this would be the time to text her.
I just can not live my entire life, with only having accomplished those three bratty kids!! Think happy thoughts. Followers... UNITE!


Unknown said...

It is never enough! This is our Oprah.

Anonymous said...


Tru Stories said...

Soooo... besides the sweet second Commenter.... who else has called Oprah for me today??!! Thanks for the support Anonymous. Everyone has a dream!

Flag Girl said...

She may think you are a bit psyco! But Flag Girl would pick you!
Good Luck

Coach said...

So, I have tried to get her some tickets. These tickets are hard to come by. Oprah, if you are reading this, which I am sure you are, Tru Stories needs these tickets, our home would be a happier place.

Anonymous said...

I heard Opra is going to Costa Rica! Maybe to live.

Anonymous said...

She wont be going to Costa Rica while her savior is in office! -Republihol

Unknown said...

People don't make me smudge you! This is not a political statement. This is a mother & daughter having an amazing bonding moment. Tru Stories says better than our Paul McCartney bonding moment. (Yes, we saw him in concert.) Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Butterflies and rainbows.