Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Conversation:

this morning, between Gramma G and I.

Me: Looks like Tink has officially quit Tumbling. She declared she was quitting 3 weeks ago but it took until this Monday for her parents to finally join her club.

Gramma G: She's a Quitter then... Like Fedderson?

Me: Well, I wouldn't really call her a quitter, given the fact, she never really started Tumbling in the first place. She mostly just put on the cute outfit and showed up, to stand around and hold Eleven's hand.

Gramma G: Oh... Sorta like you and your running?

Me: Yes... Exactly like that.

**It's official.... everyone in Coach's family,
is a comedienne.**


Unknown said...

Can I still buy her adorable tumbling clothes?

The Mrs. said...

Seriously, do they stay up at night thinking of one liners like this to use at the perfect opportunity?

Good one, G!

Flag Girl said...

Thata girl 'G'.......give it right back to her! She can take it!