Monday, March 14, 2011

Dang you, Moment of Clarity.

Fact: We discovered, after our yard thawed, the snow plows ripped up nearly all of our landscape timbers around our second driveway. Causing me to jerk far over, each time I pull out of the garage.

Fact: Coach spent our Saturday afternoon, patching a decent gap on our roof and laying lyme in our crawl space. More money...

Fact: We learned we are paying on our taxes, rather than receiving a refund.

Fact: This morning, a trailer, with a backhoe, pulled in front of our home. More money...

Fact: One hour later, 2 men had done little more than walk circles, sticking a long metal pole into my landscaping, trying to locate the pipes.

Fact: They are now tearing up our yard AND a portion of our neighbors.

Fact: Stressed over the tremendous hit to our finances, I left for yoga. Preparing to bring relaxation to the masses.
Simultaneously: my yoga bag fell across the seat... I noticed my door light blinking because again The Kid did not properly shut the back door.... I jerked to miss the broken timbers... AND.. then... crashed into Coach's truck... which is NEVER parked sideways, in our second drive but was today... to grant access to the giant Backhoe.
Yep. That really happened.
Eerily, without a single dramatic exclamation (seriously, no sarcasm this time) I calmly walked into the house. In monotone, I told Coach "I crashed our vehicles together". He calmly followed me. We surveyed the damage... shrugged our shoulders (we are now completely accustomed to Bad Luck Chuck's shenanigans) and I left for yoga.

Fact: I distractedly lead my class through a series of poses. I was not angry, I never so much as swore in the silence of my thoughts. But I was annoyed.
"Really....?" I thought. "Really, we are going to end up bankrupt, in a month? We have one unexpected expense after another!! Really... cut us a break?!"

I guided my class into final relaxation. Which I typically skip for myself but figured I should lay back, to prevent a migraine. And then... through my annoyance,
Clarity squarely slapped my snotty face.

"Really... stupid girl??? Really, you are upset over a busted tail-light? Really... you are annoyed the plumbing, in the home you OWN needs to be fixed? Really... you are dramatically melting down over a little poo in your crawl space??? Entire Japanese villages, full of family and friends, were washed away in seconds. Parents, held the hands of their children, as an angry wave yanked them apart. People, contemplating what to cook for dinner.. are now without a kitchen to cook in or a family to cook for.
So really.. selfish little brat... get over yourself!"

Honestly, Clarity spoke to me, that aggressively.
And while I rarely blog 'Thank-you Higher Power'... kind of posts. Dang it, if Clarity didn't teach me a lesson.

Because... Fact:
I really deserved that mental spanking.


MelancholySmile said...

I wonder why it is that so many moments of clarity coincide with physical exertion. I often have epiphanies while running.

Life is stressful. You have every right to feel overwhelmed by unexpected financial burdens.

Although, there really is something to be said about perspective, right? I watch the news broadcasts about the tsunami and can't even come up with words to describe how horrific it would be to go through something like that.

I like your 'thank you higher power' posts. :)

Unknown said...

Dear Tru Stories:
Your life is stressing me. That is tough to do.
Love, Your Mother
PS: We have moved. I'll send our new address after your life settles down.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your troubles, but it does build character as we can tell by the clarity you proclaimed. Somehow lives of other people can always present a clear picture of our own lives. Carry On. Gramma G

The Mrs. said...

That is a beautiful moment of clarity. However, I think you are still entitled to a big fat ugly cry given the recent chain of events.

Tru Stories said...

I rarely cry and poo is certainly not gonna make me cry. I've been an at home mom for 8 years... I've seen plenty of poo.

My other moment of clarity:
Smashing into your already stressed husband's truck... would make most men pretty darned angry. He barely shrugged.
And I think the stress has made me EVEN funnier... (if that is possible). And if Coach ever stops rubbing his forehead, I am sure he is gonna start laughing at my jokes...
any second now....
... so when that happens, our marriage may be stronger. Being poor trash, helps us bond.

Unknown said...

Have you ever heard that saying: That which does not kill you, makes you stronger?
Laughing really hard. Tru Stories used to hear that expression all the time. Then she perfected her glare. You know the one.

Munchkin said...

a friend of mine is teaching over in Japan right now and was in one of the bad parts during the quake, luckily he and all of his close friends are ok but can you imagine?

The General said...

As a way to cheer up the masses, the Japanese government as been showing your blog on an endless loop at shelters. Now they don't feel as bad about the tsunami.

Unknown said...

Applause to General! The best comment of the day!! I really laughed out loud.

Munchkin said...

that may have been the best comment of the entire year

Tru Stories said...

It really was, a pretty impressive comment.