Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Given our growing list of financial strain, thanks to Bad Luck Charlie's reign over our household, Spring Break will be a little light this year. Our only adventure??
A trip to the zoo with cousins.
First, lunch at Stake in Shake. Inviting little Seven was genius!! She is already the perfect mother... just like her Doc. We enjoyed our shakes in peace, while she tended to Coco.

Next, The zoo.
Today, was forecasted to be the only pretty day all week and we happily soaked up the sun. Coco loved feeding the goats. While her over protective father paced, gasped and shrieked like a woman, over the possibility her tiny fingers may get eaten by the blood thirsty goat, living in the petting zoo.

Five was braver than her Uncle.

Below, you will notice a group photo excluding Coco. Her Daddy tried to place her on the (eerily lifelike) tiger's head... causing her to scream in fear and violently arch her body towards her parents.
Nice parenting, Coach.

WARNING: Shocking Flashback Photo Section!!

Sorry, to the parents and grandparents,
who just heard their own hearts break.
Where the heck did those babies go???

Above: Super cute pic of my baby. Carefully, look past her adorable-ness to her father: yawning in boredom, while trying to give our children a little culture.

That is a picture, of a baby... who spent the day running circles around a sunny park. Love it.

On the agenda for the remainder of our Spring Break? Randomly throughout the week, we are all five going to stand in the bathroom... flush the toilet, then pause to listen for it to NOT drop into a giant mountain of poo into our crawl space... and yell in unison
"Wooo Hooo... Spring Break 2011!!!"
It's gonna be pretty awesome.


Coach said...

For the record, I was not scared for me or Coco's fingers to be bitten off by the goats. I just thought I could live without there slobber on my hands. Also, isn't Coco gross enough on her own, as Tru Stories states often, I thought a little less germs couldn't hurt.

Tru Stories said...

Show of hands:
Who thinks Coach was actually just scared that her fingers were gonna get eaten?

The Mrs. said...

Coco's eating habits are similar to a goat...why wouldn't she love them? Relax, Coach. Embrace those farm boy roots and let your kid wallow in some goat slobber!

Anonymous said...

I feel Coco and goats share the same least that is what I have learned watching know, the whole eating garbage thing...

Unknown said...

Given your family history, I think Coach should be cautious of any animal around your children. The goat could have easily bit the face off of a child. In addition, thank you Coach for knowing that the germs at a petting zoo should be avoided. Next time let's say we just wave at the goats in passing. The Flashback Photo was shocking. Boy child next to The Kid (I do not know the number system) looks like Warhol's young boy. Never noticed that before. I think Coco is cute in all her pictures. I beg of you, please stop calling my sweetie, gross. She is a free spirit.

Doc said...

Great pictures! I LOVED the flashback!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Noticed a few additions in the flashback Photos. Was that 4 years ago? Time flies ! Gramma G

ct said...

hi-lar-i-ous that coach was yawning in 1 of the pictures!!!! about like justin going to the zoo! ;)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever watched Coach eat? Not that much different than a goat. Commish