Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Joke of The Day:

The Kid approached me,

The Kid: Wanna hear my joke?

Me: Sure.

The Kid: Name a dead guy who really loves Math.

Me: I don't know
(though I had a feeling, I sorta did...)

The Kid: Count Dracula. Do you get it? Because he is a vampire and he really loves to count and do math??! Isn't that funny? I made it up in school today.

Me: That's hilarious.

Either The Kid just wrote his first joke... or possibly, Jim Henson and Sesame Street did, several decades ago. At least it wasn't another fact on the filming and/or creating of the three Jurassic Park movies... (which coincidentally, star several dinosaurs, not actual from the Jurassic period.... Duh.)


Unknown said...

He is a funny boy! Just thinks too much.

ct said...

i am laughing.....good one kid!