Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Day at The Shedd.

One year ago, we purchased the Family Pass at the Aquarium. Yesterday, we made our 3rd trip in eleven months. (At this point, it's like they are paying us!) The fish have lost a bit of their mystique for me...
but definitely not for our children.

Tink's Faborite Moment?
The Dolphin show! This is Tink's 'Happy Face'.

The Kid's Faborite Moment?
Learning even more, ridiculously unnecessary facts on every Shark imaginable. AND... skipping school.

Coco's Faborite Moment?
On the drive up, we hit the McDonald's Drive Thru. Always, the bright point of Coco's week. Even more, she received a new Happy Meal Barbie, which she clutched in her chubby little hand... All. Day. Long.

Coach's Faborite Moment... Part A:
After snapping the picture below, I was reprimanded by a Shedd Employee for using flash photography. Apparently, Coach enjoys when I get in trouble.
But come on... I have to properly document our every move, for blog sakes!

Coach's Faborite Moment... Part B:
When I explained, this is our last trip to the Aquarium for 2 years, at minimum.

His Least Faborite?
When The Kid, enthusiastically requested we purchase a Family Pass at the Field Museum next.
I think, I saw Coach cry, a little.


The General said...

It would be the first family pass ever sold by the Field Museum.

Unknown said...

What a great thing to do for your kids. Next you need to start exploring Museum of Science & Industry.
What a great week for The Kid. Next up, Lincoln Museum.

Anonymous said...

I think this is great, we never did this. maybe that,s why Coach is not turned on---but if the fish were on a basketball court--he might think differently.Go FISH Gramma G

Andrea said...

i love the happy pic of Tink. she's looks so grown up. she's gone from super cute to bootiful.

The Mrs. said...

I'm all for culture and adventure and exposing kids to new things but I have to side with The General and Coach on this one. Membership to the Field Museum? LAME.

Now, a trip to the Lincoln Museum I could totally get on board with.

Unknown said...

Dear The Mrs.
A trip to Lincoln's Museum is planned for Saturday. The Kid and his cousin (one of the numbers) with Grammy & Popop. It is an all day Lincoln Extravaganza. Check out Page Turners Sunday blog. Looking forward to a fantastic day.

Anonymous said...

I admit that I had to giggle a little bit from The Kid's Faborite Moment because all I could think about is this little boy with a blue mohawk and blue face one Halloween back in the day repeatedly saying "sorry" for every time he would trip and fall. Still one of my favorite memories of him!