Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let me Spell this out....

People are NOT supporting the dream.
"Tru Stories is crazy. Her Oprah Dream is ridiculous. She's a few belt notches off the reservation....etc."

So let me take this down another avenue.
Let's just say... Clark was offered the chance to throw batting practice for the Chicago Cubs. He has the opportunity, to toss his name in a GIANT hat, to spend 2 hours throwing batting practice.
The Cubs are an iconic, Chicago Staple.
Clark has wasted HOURS, watching Cubs games in TV. His life has not, been made better by the Cubs (actually, they disappoint him annually). It is a totally irrational, romanticized 'crush' on a group of men, who do not know Clark and will never actually be his friend.
All of that said...
If Clark was given the chance, to throw The Chicago Cubs batting practice:
It would not, fix the problems of his life.
It would not, necessarily make his life better.
It would not, improve his marriage (which is pukey Fabulous anyway) or make his children better people or pay his mortgage. But it WOULD: make him happy. It would make Clark smile and make for one of the VERY best stories of his life, which he would repeat... many, many times.

Similar to if my Coach won court side seats, at the NCAA Basketball Tournament Championship game.
Or The Mrs. got center stage seats to Bon Jovi.
Or Chili was seated at the 50 yard line for the Chicago Bears Superbowl game.
Or Warhol...ummmm... watched an awesome 80's cover hair band...Whatever floats his boat??

The point is:
Will attending the Oprah show, change me or make my life significantly different? Is it slightly irrational to want to hug her? I suppose....All of that said... Attending the Oprah show. Would just make me... really, really happy.

please send positive, Dream-making vibes my way.
Not, grumpy and sassy Comments.
Those make me, less than happy.
And I swear... I just recently warned you:
My mother is Wicken.


Unknown said...

Tru Stories this is an awesome analogy. This is our week. This is our time. I cannot wait. Hotel room, quiet dinner, Oprah show. I will go to the Oprah Store and spend a fortune. No bribery Oprah, just a fact. See it Tru Stories, believe it.
Focus on the good!
People get your clouds off our rainbow!

The Mrs. said...

Actually, center stage in Harpo Studies seeing Miss O in action would beat the pants off a Bon Jovi concert. Sending nothing but happy vibes, good juju, positive chakras, and pleasant thoughts your way... exchange for that third ticket you'll be awarded as part of the package.

Flag Girl said...

I will have GG light a candle for you.......

Anonymous said...

If I happen to run across some bitchin Motley Crue tickets I would a: never tell Sweetbreads about them (she has made some off color comments about the Crue.) and b: gladly trade them in for O tickets (my favorite things episode) it would seem to be an equal trade. -Hairhol

Unknown said...

I think someone knows an awful lot about Oprah considering he dislikes her so much. Favorite things, Democrathol?

Anonymous said...

GG's candles do work "Wonders". We all have our dreams. Keep on dreaming---

I;ll try not to call you until the 25th. The disappointment in your voice hurts me as I feel your hurt when I am not Miss OOOO