Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today, we are very Happy.

A Father and Son.

Coach, we can promise you
That by the time we get through
Our world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Dear Coach:
Our path lead us to you. You joined us. Took our hand. Redirected our way towards a beautiful community. You held us, promised us love. You helped us relax, feel safe, feel comfortable.
You showed us, what we did not realize we were missing. You turned our little, path into a wide, wonderfully busy road. With exciting turns, interesting intersections and two little girlie detours.
We will follow you.
Our pleasing Tour Guide.
You are ours.
And we are yours.
Both of us.
All of us.


Doc said...


Anonymous said...

Great tribute. Congratulations on your union. May you all continue to be as happy as you were today.We are blessed with special people in our family and our extended families. Gramma G

Unknown said...

To The Kid and Coach - I hope when The Kid out grows Coach and becomes even more opinionated (is that possible) both of you remember - You Picked Each Other. Not today - a long time ago. It is a good match. I am happy you all found each other. (And gave me my girls.)

ct said...

congrats! very happy for you guys.

love always,

The Mrs. said...

What a happy day. Congratulations to you all!

The Bride said...

Oh happy day!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, everyone!! What a wonderful day!!

you can call me al said...

Awesome! Congratulations!