Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lovin the Planet

Signs, I may be an out of control Hippie Freak:

After teaching my yoga class, I gathered all of the half-finished and empty water bottles and took them home. Emptying the remaining water, into my new vegetable garden (one check off the bucket list!) and recycling all of the plastic bottles.

Signs, I am nowhere near turning into an out of control Hippie Freak:

After, I entered my home. Ate frozen pizza, while reading an US magazine. Opened the Hershey Bars I purchased 'just for the kids to make Smores' and after Candy Guilt set in, forced Tink to finish the candy.

Pretty sure, there is hope, of keeping me Un-Hippie.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

If you really want to be an un-hippie girl, you could drive around in a big gas guzzler and leave your children at home and fly down the interstate, like I see so many do these days...but thankfully your parents did better than that. I think your car is way more green than mine! I should have done a cash for clunkers!