Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What? Halloween's for kids??

"This is Halloween...."

Our carved pumpkins... including General's 'carving'.

Two Bumble Bees and Rocky.

Check out those Abs of steel.
We have him on a pretty strict work-out plan.

Stop. Pause. Look at that beauty.

What??! People are just handing me candy?!!

Kids: Daddy, who are you dressed as?
Coach: Drew Anderson.

When you run way too fast towards free candy and your little bumble bee legs can not keep up, sometimes you faceplant on the street. Ouch.

Tink loves her some wings. Three years running...


ct said...

the kids looked adorable! love their costumes...have to say i LOVE coach's costume! what a good choice!!!

i showed drew, he said to tell you to "get a horse or take that costume off!"....(with a HUGE smile!) he loves his godfather! :)

very cute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new blog....

Unknown said...

Those are super cute kids! I am not saying that as their Grammy. It is obvious.

The General said...

Guilt trips are useless against me. Also, could you randomly bump up the last post through out the year so Anonymoushol will feel uncomfortable again?

Tru Stories said...

Anonymous: Happy to have you!

General: I will never delete that picture.