Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coach's Big Three-Oh

In honor of Coach's thirtieth birthday, I have reluctantly resolved to do something so rarely seen... it's nearly an endangered trait, almost myth-like...
I'm actually gonna (gulp) be sweet to my husband.
(Brother-in-laws: you may wanna sign-off)

Dear Coach:

It's possible we are the happiest, most content and most comfortable we've been (don't screw it up). We have settled into a very busy, yet blessed place in our lives. We almost have a pretend sorta handle on parenting three children. We have spray-painted our house into a home-base, which reflects our interests and individual tastes. (except the kitchen... nobody is tasting THAT counter) We are content in our professions, extra smiley satisfied with our amazing group of friends and essentially most grateful for what has been gifted to our small family.
You are still super cute. Almost (dare I say) cutER than before. I can hardly resist your ridiculously confident grin (gosh knows there are many times, I try to stay angry and your stupid cuteness gets in the way)
Above all: You are my laugh. Without question, you honestly "crack me up". Your clever, quick and occasionally shocking humour, wakes my spirit and keeps me on my toes. You simply: Amuse Me.
To quote a sappy movie or an over-played pop song:
You make me wanna be a better person.
My world will never be the same and you're to blame.
You inspire me. Your enthusiastic love for life, continues to fuel my own dedication to this blog, my yoga and the small details which form my life.
I'm a pretty impressive mother: but you have proven, parenting is a team. We are partners in raising the best little people, I've met. (Partners in the sense, I really do 70% of the most difficult stuff...)

I suppose, I'm prepared to learn how to make-out with a thirty year old... it's seems sorta creepy but I'll give it a go. I guess, we are really in this for the long haul. I look forward to our lives unfolding.
Keep me laughing.
Keep us simple.
Keep making us better.
And I promise to do the same.
Happy Birthday, Husband.
Here's to 30 more years of life filled with couch snuggles, frozen pizza lunches, cooking-dinner hugs, glances over our children's cute little heads and of course... your epic car-ride rock-star solos.
'Sometimes it lasts in love.' Really. Sometimes it does.

Doc is right:
You are too cute... and I totally Heart you.
(at least until the next time, you tick me off...)


Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy 30th Coach!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Coach, proud to be know as coach's brother and happy to be hanging out more. -sorrythenumbersdontadduphol

Chili said...

Happy birthday and I got your back. I think it's more like 80/20 coach!!!!!!!!!

Flag Girl said...

To my little brother....with a BIG heart! Have fun in your 30's! Happy birthday!!

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!!

ct said...

happy birthday to my bff!!! tru stories, you are one lucky lady! you found a GREAT guy!!!

The Mrs. said...

Thank you for turning 30 so we could enjoy an unforgettable (sometimes regrettably so) night out in your honor. I fear what your 40th birthday celebration will look like.

Happy birthday, Coach!

Tru Stories said...

It's possible Coach called this morning and asked me, if he had more Comments than Doc's bday yet...
Dream on, Coach.

You may be cute
but you're no Dr. McPopularity.

Then again... Who is??!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Coach! Your own Mother did not comment on your birthday.

The General said...

Happy Birthday

Doc said...

Happy happy 30th birthday Coach!! I knew you would be a GREAT dad many many years ago! It was the husband part that was questionable. Clark & I remember the good ole days when we saw you often for bball games, dinners, Saturday babysitting, and wiffle ball games. I LOVE your lovinlifeattitude,contageoussmile,and puresilliness!

you can call me al said...

Happy Birthday, Coach!

Anonymous said...

Coach, I may not have commented right away, but my last few days have been very busy. Sorry for being such a belated mother. You know I love you and spent time with you on your birthday. The rest of the week fell apart. Hope it was great.

PS Not all my kids spend their birthday with their mother.

Tru Stories said...

Soooo sweet....
Coach is Gramma's sweetest baby eva.