Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

An Ode to Joy:

Happy Birthday to a tiny enigma. You first appear quiet, content to play sweetly in the background, a pleaser... seemingly satisfied to delicately shadow your big sista. Then, if crossed, you will fight for your Barbie with the scream of a wounded hawk and the will of a tiger. You are both hilarious and soft-spoken. Silly and serious. A whisper of blond hair with deep brown eyes. Thus far: our only tru second-generation Brown Eyed Girl. (which exclusively reserves you the right to dance ridiculously with our group and tell the superior Tink to sit on her righteous bottom!)
You have a tough show to follow, with that big sis... still, I am confident you are able to carve your own unique and genuine path.
I eagerly await the ensuing drama of the growing friendship between you and Coco. You are both just a wee bit of a mess, which warns me you will definitely give your older sistas some high-school grief. If we were only granted a nickle, for every time Tink and Eleven, will roll their eyes at their younger bothers.
Shine on, gentle shadow.
You are certainly a Joy to our World.

Happy Third Birthday!
We love you.


Coach said...

Happy Birthday!

Doc said...

Happy birthday!! You are really celebrating this 3rd b-day!!

Munchkin said...

happy birthday!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday!

Chili said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you never lose that incredible little voice...