Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yo Shorty... its your Birfday...

Tonight we are celebrating my husband's 30th birthday. I have planned a fun night of twists and turns, surprises and plenty of reason to laugh. While Coach is aware there is an adventure this evening, I have kept the details from him... as well as the invitees.

Side Note: Coach's family is a close bunch, whom totally heart talking on the phone with each other and totally heart telling each other funny things and seemingly totally heart having the complete inability to keep a secret. Still: I totally heart them.

Therefore, I have released a small set of Clues, over the last 3 weeks. The Clues are as listed:

Clue #1: You must wear athletic clothing! Pick the cutest outfit you could run, catch a ball, or sweat in... You will not be given an opportunity to change.

Clue #2: Coach is NOT fancy, he is NOT romantic, he shows little class, loves a dirty joke, prefers situations which do not require manners and is just a wee-bit competitive. This evening, will reflect those ideals.

Clue #3: You may hold a basketball.

Clue #4: I dare you.....

Clue #5: Coach never had a Bachelor Party.

I was forced to ask Coach to help with 3 tasks.
1. We need 2 basketballs.

He questioned indoor or outdoor basketballs. A legitimate question, as we own at least 26 basketballs.
I answered: Outdoor.
He responded: Interesting.

2. We need 3 coolers
3. We need 1 football

Yesterday, he asked what I had left to arrange:
I responded: I still need to find a sprinkler.

(That MAY have been sarcastic.)

Only a few more hours, until the night is revealed!

Invitees, Last Warning:
If you can't take the heat, you best get out da kitchen!


Unknown said...

Hubby & I get to be designated drivers. We know where we are going. I am thrilled to be a (silent) part of a Tru Stories adventure. Who know being a designated driver means we cannot drink. TS has so many rules!

The Mrs. said...

I'll admit it: I'm a more than a little frightened. I love a good surprise but NOT when I don't know all the details OR only if I don't know it's coming. Stepping outside of my comfort zone tonight...

Arizona said...

PLEASE! post asap to brighten my Monday!!!
Happy B-day, Coach!!

Munchkin said...

i fell down the stairs this morning

ct said...

it was out of control.......

Coach said...

Best Birthday party ever! Thanks Tru Stories.