Monday, November 7, 2011

Coach's Birthday Party

For Coach's birthday adventure, I invited all of his favorite people, forced them to take a pole dancing class, tricked them into pulling multiple dares and even found time to feed them Jimmy Johns. The night was a huge success. The invitees are amazing sports and I am officially daring them, one last time:
I dare you to watch this video.
You... and maybe 300 other people.

(Keep the video small, for clarity.)

Thank-you, for proving to Coach,
that he absolutely knows the BEST people.
Maybe not the most sexy...
but definitely the most fun.

If you have a weak spot for Strip Clubs:
this video, will help cure that fetish.


ct said...

this was a BLAST and we ALL know how nervous i was about it!!!! this is hilarious and i might have laughed just as hard watching this video!

we tried pretty damn hard at bringing sexy back but it just didn't work! i can't imagine why?! i am sure it had nothing to do with the fact the we consumed quite a bit of beverages beforehand?! (i had too or else i'm not sure if i would have made it in there....)

thanks again tru stories!!!!! can not wait for our next "adventure"!


Anonymous said...

i like the way you can see the coaches progression throughout the night, that is the whites of his eyes get harder to see as the night goes and ends up with crawl'n.
Good game coach!

The Mrs. said...

My mom is going to be so proud when she sees this video.

Doc said...

Good times TS & Coach...Good times