Sunday, November 27, 2011

Medieval Times.

For The Kid's Birthday celebration, we gathered Quincy and the grandparents for our first evening at Medieval Times. Even with reservations, we were arrived to a VERY full lobby. Prompting the extremely kind Grandmothers to upgrade our tickets to the Front Row. Gifting us royal treatment for the show.

This picture, of the men in paper crowns, is maybe the best part of the night. How much, must these Grandpas love their grandchildren??? Typically... they are not exactly paper crowns kind of guys.

I was nervous about the 'no utensil' dining experience but the food was actually very good.

Gramma and her knight in shining armour.

We were cheering for the Red Knight. Whom Tink developed a teeny crush on. Both cute and scary.

Coco cheering for Red!

Grammy and Pop-pop sprang for The Kid to officially be knighted, as a present. Because what The Kid needed was to feel even more entitled than usual...

Overall, the evening was nice and entertaining.
The boys loved the show. My final assessment: Sorta like Build-a-Bear workshop... fun, cute, something neat to do with your kids but just a bit pricey and probably we won't need to go back any time soon.
Still, I would definitely recommend it to others.
Happy Birthday, Kid! We love you.


Unknown said...

Agreed, we were glad to share the experience one time. We had a good time.

Anonymous said...

It was a great evening. Thanks for the invite. Gramm G