Monday, August 1, 2011

Forty and Fabulous????


Doc is my aging-gracefully inspiration. She is literally growing more beautiful with each passing year. Possibly... because she is a healthy/lovin life/running for fun kind of girl. Or, basking in the love of her forever smitten husband. Or because her children are perfect angels.... who would never eat deodorant or put on glue-stick as lipstick.
Doc is the sweetest fine-wine. Perfecting her delectable awesomeness, as she slowly becomes more irresistible to her friends and family. Seriously.... WHO the heck, does not like being around Doc??!

The only thing, I do not like about my sister-in-law??
Her blog name. It really does perfectly suit her. Every member of her family (and then some) Tru-ly believes Doc is a board certified Doctor. They will call her for any medical question, day or night. Major injuries? Worries about our babies? Correct Tylenol dosage? She is The Go-To girl.
I won't change her blog-name. But I would love Edit, just a smidge. In honor, of Doc's Big Four-Oh... I thought we should play a little game.
PS- Doc really loves to play (win) a great game.

Use the Comments, to create the perfect Grey's Anatomy-style nickname for our Homecoming Queen. For example:

Doctor McPiercing Eyes

Doctor McAnnoyinglyCompetitive (kidding!)

Doctor McGiggles

Doctor McHighFiveuntilshedrivesmeCraZy.

Ok... Game on!
Happy Birthday, Doc. For your gift, you just may receive an even cooler Blog Name.
We seriously Heart You.
Hey.. what you wanna do?
I think I could stay with you
For a while, maybe longer if I do....


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Mclivinglifetothefullest! You are proof that 40 is the new 30. I am sure you have a wonderfully perfect day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Doc. That is the right name for you. I saw you in action in May. You are definitely in the right profession. You are also married to the right man. He has told me more than once that he loves you. I thought that was awesome. Keep celebrating these next few weeks. You dserve it. Love, Your proud Mom

Doc said...

doctor Mctalksalotonthephone!!!!!!!!!

Doc said...

doctor McPrettySmile

Doc said...

that last message is from me #5

Coach said...

How bout Dr. McIstilldominateat3rd9monthspregnant.

Tru Stories said...

What Coach REALLY wanted to type was:

Dr. McWaymoreawesomethanmystupidwife.

Doc said...

Doctor McSmellsgood, or Dr. McSassy

Doc said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes on my birthday weekend and day!! I have the VErY BeST family EVA!! Love you all!!

So far...Coach's is my fav, with The Page Turner as a very close second. You may have been kidding but I do like McAnnoyinglyCompetitive & McHight5..just made me laugh!!!

you can call me al said...

Happy, happy birthday! You do make forty look fabulous! Wishing yu all the best!

Anonymous said...

Doc Mcdrinkyouunderthetable...Happy Birthday to the middle child that shines the brightest...sorry boys, your Boca Vista phase II -brohol

Chili said...

Doc Mcaskmequestionsthatmakemelaughnervously. Happy B-Day!

Flag Girl said...

Doctor Mc hApPy
Cause she is happy when she is Hi-fiving Coach while kicking my ass at Frisbee sticks..

She is happy while drinking me under the table.

She is happy while making Chili so nervous he starts walking backwards from her.

She is happy when she is pregnant

She is happy when she is on the phone giggling.

She is happy when she is with Clark

I have even seen her mad....and she still seems Happy!
She can find Happy in every situation....

HaPPY Birthday Big Sista! Love you..

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Doc McYourseniorpictureisawesome!! Hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

Tru Stories said...

Ok... I have ONE more suggestion:

Dr. McMysonisjustasawesomeasme!!

Congrats to our nephew, Doc's eldest child, Number Four... who just made the Jr High Baseball Team in the Big City!!

He may have gotten some talent from his parents, though I am pretty sure, most of his style came from his God-father.

Congrats Four! You are amazing! What a great bday present for your excited Mommy... not to mention, FINALLY giving your Dad a reason to enjoy this year's baseball season!

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday Dr. McILoveMyFamilySoIDidn'tMakeThemRunForMyBirthday

The General said...

Happy Birthday Dr. McIcantthinkofanythingcleveratthemoment.

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday to you, Dr. McTotalPackage. Smart, beautiful, athletic, caring, generous, loving, funny, devoted,'re the real deal! Hope your day was filled with happiness. Here's to the next 40 being even more amazing than the first!

ct said...

happy late bday doc!!!!