Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Daughters.....

Set Scene:
Afternoon, during what could have been our quiet nap time/Tink's school time.
Tink comes racing out, from the back bathroom
(Side note: one of our toilets is AGAIN not working. My life is like a fairy tale). Shorts and panties are tight around her ankles and she can barely walk.

Tink: Coco is trying to get her hands into the toilet!!

Me: Why aren't your shorts on??

Tink: Cuz my sista is trying to stick her hands into my pee water.

Me: Did you poop, or something? Why didn't you stop and pull your pants up?

Tink (shoulder shrug and eye roll): Uhhh... I don know. Just because I'm fast.

Still standing with pants down. She continues to stare at me (like she doesn't 'get me') and lifts her one sassy hand up and knocks her hip out to the side: Uhhh... What?


Tink (deep sigh and eye roll):
Alright. Ok... Man.

I then proceed to walk down the hall, to smack Coco's hands out of the toilet.

Yes, Ma'am... my girls are obviously much too gifted for the school program.


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if she wants her shorts and knickers down let her be just take a video for me so I can see her naked