Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obviously, Coco has Been Jerking Me Around for Months....

Our Grade School, holds a State Funded Pre-School program. A portion of spots are granted to children at need and other spots are open to all children (though getting your child on this list, has become like the Harvard of Preschools.) Poor Tink, is fighting for one of the very last spots and it is NOT lookin good.
(Much to my disappointment.)

Therefore, to get a jump on next year, I scheduled Coco a screening this afternoon. Totally confident, the child who tried eating deodorant THREE times, would be a Sure Thing for Pre-School class of 2012.
I sat quietly in the corner. Just waiting for her to
'Be her Coco-self'. Instead, that sneaky little brat, scored in the Extremely Advanced Category. In fact, TWICE the Professional Child Therapist/Specialist from out of town, actually said...
"I have NEVER seen a child, this young, even close to doing this before!".

WHAT?!! Seriously??
Coco didn't so much, as lick a block. Actually, she stacked 12 blocks perfectly. She scored OFF THE CHARTS for her Fine Motor Skills and Communication. And just plain Advanced, in the other 4 categories.

I am baffled. Honestly. I feel like I just found out the dorky Clark Kent, is Superman.
Coco prefers to snack on sand, over playground pebbles. She rips off her T-shirt, yanks out her ponytail and walks around rubbing her chunky belly. She mixes Ranch Dressing and Ketchup. She will randomly kick her sista in the head, for no reason. And as I type, Coco is watching "Max and Ruby" with her sunglasses on, upside-down in our dark living room. Yet... they used the phrase, "Extremely Advanced."

I am seriously, starting to think, my children are messing with me. My entire existence as a mother, must be secretly getting video-taped for the Greatest Prank reality show of all times. Tentatively Entitled:
"Let's Pretend to Be Huge Messes while Slowly Driving our Mother Insane!!"
Shocked and confused, I called Coach, to tell him how our youngest daughter has been screwing with me for months. I told him, her motor skills were unchartable... he replied "Welp, sorry. Guess that's my fault." Given that Coach is as romantically articulate as a 6 year old... I'm not even pretending to give him credit for her communication skills.

Ok... YES, I am happy she is doing so well. That said... I am ending the typing of this post, at this very moment, to find out why I can hear my Super Genius splashing in the back toilet. She's probably dipping her Super Advanced Pacifier in, for a taste....


Coach said...

I will go along that communication skills are not some of my strong points. I am not even sure of a couple of words in this blog.

Munchkin said...

haha "sure thing" haha like the deodorant

Arizona said...

i heart the bleep out of this family.
coach = hilarious.