Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's take a little hike...

This week, we set aside One Official Family Day and took the kids on a hike. The Kid (and his father) loved the 'mountain climbing'... Tink looked like a teenager in her tiny white shorts and Coco closed the afternoon, splashing in the water... in only a diaper.

It was a nice day.
I can feel summer... sadly ticking away.


Unknown said...

tick, tick, tick. Me too Tru Stories. I'm desperately trying to fit in some pool time.
I've never seen a picture from that area that was not beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love to take the girls deep in the woods , nice n quiet,coco's diaper comes off so I can eat her p--y and tink puts her hand in her knickers rubs her little bald c--t for me, I have coco kicking and giggling like crazy as I push her legs open and start licking her p---y, I have to hold her so I can eat her she is thrashing around o much, good little girl LOVES her c--t being licked, by nor tink will be real horny and wet so I can pull her knickers off and my hard c--k will slide right in her which is good beause I don't want to hurt her just come in her tight toddler c--t