Monday, August 22, 2011

The First Day of School.

While The Kid, did look pretty cute. And was actually pretty excited to start the Fourth Grade. And I was pretty calm about the whole thing... He unfortunately was running a decent fever, accompanied with pretty awful chills. Therefore, after this extremely emotional good-bye. The Kid was off to school, only to be sent home, 3 hours later.

In addition, immediately after the above pic, Coco began a 10 minute tantrum, including a pretty firm rant: "I go to school too! I'ne big too! I not stay home! Be nice to me!"
Tink, spent a lonely afternoon at home, while exactly 98.6% of every child she has ever met, enjoyed their first day of Pre-school. Which poor Tink was very unfortunately, not accepted into.

Final Assessment:
First Day of School, pretty much a huge failure.


Munchkin said...

Coco at church on Sunday for at least 3 straight minutes -

"Daddy I wan go home, daddy, daddy, i wan go home, i wan go home, daddy i wan go home"

made church more exciting

The Mrs. said...

I could not love that second picture more.

Cath said...

Bummer. I still can't believe Tink got screwed out of her spot, whatta crock.

Arizona said...

the 2nd picture has made my day too.