Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Daughters.... Part Deux.

(A continuation....)
This morning, I was rushing to get ready for my yoga class. I decided to smear on a quick layer of blend-able tinted base. As I began applying, I noticed the make-up seemed just a little creamier. More moisturizing.
I found this odd but hardly noticed, as this is a new brand and as previously stated, I was in a hurry.
Just as I had finished the application and proceeded to swipe on some lip gloss.... a flash of a blurry memory, swept through my mind...

Yelling something about Coco having my make-up... when did she say that??? Oh... Wait. I remember... Tink said Coco was playing with my make-up, while Tink had her pants around her ankles.

Oh, Gawd. Noooo.
That's why Coco had her hands in the toilet.
She wasn't just trying to touch Tink's pee water...
Son of a bleep...
Coco was scooping my make-up, out of the toilet.

I hesitated for a brief moment, while the realization of this information sunk deep into my conciseness. I just applied Tink's pee water make-up to my face. (courtesy of Coco's advanced chemistry skills.)
I should pause and wash my face.
Except. I'm really running late.
So... I left the house.
Hours later, I am still wearing the make-up.

Thank-you Coach, for helping keep me very comfortable, in this glamorous life, I have grown accustomed too. I am a real life Cinderella.


Cath said...

oh wow. I needed a LOL moment today, thx.

Unknown said...

She also just could have been trying to rinse the make-up off her hands because she can't reach the sink. Glass half full.

Tru Stories said...

Nice idea, Grammy.
But the application pad was soaking wet. Thanks for trying.

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

I needed this...sorry Tru Stories.

kori said...

omg! so funny T.S!! good thing they r so cute!! :)

Arizona said...

even your kids are dedicated to creating awesome blog material.
LOVE it!

ct said...

bahaha!!!!! i love that we can all laugh at our own little chaos that happens in our homes! makes me feel good that i'm not the only one!!!!