Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Mother and Son.

10:35pm. The Phone Rings. Coach answers.
It is his mother (Gramma).

Gramma: What game was it that you were playing blah blah blah and scored blah blah blah. Was that the game they asked you to play Varsity as a Freshman or was that the blah blah....?

Coach: I scored 42 pts at blah blah during my sophomore year the freshman game I scored blah blah, during blah blah quarter...

(Conversation continues for several minutes..)

Gramma: Ok... me and dad were just having a debate about which game they blah blah Varsity blah blah... points scored... blah blah... you are amazing blah... so glad you are my superstar son blah blah...

Coach: I really AM amazing.. blah... call anytime to talk about my awesomeness... blah... I remember every single basket, as if those moments were the greatest of my life.. blah.

I interrupt from the corner:
Why don't you ask you mother, to ask you...if you can remember on what evening, our garbage man picks up our garbage, on the same night each and every week.... I'll bet that detail, escapes your memory.

They laugh and giggle about how sarcastic I am!! Ha... your wife is amusing... blah... she's no star like you... blah. Thanks again for being born, son... you are our shining light... blah.. blah.

They hang up.

Coach re-enters the room:
Weird, of mom to be the one, to call about that.

Me: You know what's really weird? Usually, when a 66 year old parent calls a child's home after 10:35pm, on a week night... it's to tell them someone died.
NOT to discuss their high school basketball game.


Munchkin said...

That is weird that G was the one to call and not A. That's the only thing I found out of the norm in this post.

Unknown said...

It's weird that you guys were awake at 10:35. I did not know you stayed up so late.
If you want I could start calling you about awesome artwork you did.
Or the times your art appeared in the city paper for Sunday edition.
Or Young Author contests you won.
I won't call after 9:00.

Flag Girl said...

I was involved in that conversation at 10pm that evening at my place. We talked him up quite well!
Im sure the same thing happens at your house when Mom and Dad talk about my Flag performances.....cause if there was a "Varsity" Guard when I was a freshman..........

Flag Girl said...

You guys are 66?

Doc said...

I was also up at 10:35...Did anyone need any of my stats???? or is that conversation taking place tonight? I will be up. Coach... Flag Girl does get to use the words "state champions"

Flag Girl said...

Holla Back Sis!

Tru Stories said...

Three is over here right now, just finishing babysitting my children (sorta... I found Coco spraying down plants with Windex) Anyway... I told him his mother is typing 'Holla Back' on the internet. He replied with a pretty harsh eye-roll.
Sorta similar to the eye-roll Coach has been laying down on me, since I posted this blog and as he reads every Comment.
I personally love Munchkin's Comment... because this whole conversation was pretty normal, everyday 'Coach is amazing' kind of talk.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Coach has a hard time concentrating, his ears are always ringing from his parents daydreaming about what it would be like if he was an only child. No.1sonhol

The Mrs. said...

I think I'm going to call Tru Stories and ask her to relive her awesome Warrior Dash performance for me. Because that was EPIC.

Stephanie said...

I just love what the Mrs. said, sorry tru stories!