Sunday, August 14, 2011

Really Stupid Things Coach has Recently Said to Me:

in the days before and following the birth of Baby 14...

1.) "Ummm... don't you really think, we have enough going on with the three kids we already can't handle??"

2.) "No. I will not buy you a plane ticket to Ethiopia, to find a little girl that looks just like Angelina Jolie's adopted daughter."

3.) "No. A reversal than reversal than reversal... Do you know what that does to a man??!!"

4.) "No. I will not help you kidnap Asher."

5.) I said, while holding Fourteen: "She is really so beautiful, I literally want to suck her tiny cheeks and mouth up into my face."
Stupid Coach responded: "Maybe you should not just say everything out loud and should keep that to yourself." ... Super Rude of him.

6.) "No. We do not have a secret savings account with $120,000.00 to hire a surrogate."

7.) "No... just because I do not want a new baby, does not mean I want to buy two little puppies and smell the back of their ears."

8.) "Watching you hold Fourteen, makes me want to drive the 20 minutes, to high-five my doctor."

FYI- My husband is a jerk... AND I held Fourteen for hours today and she is unbelievably beautiful.


Coach said...

I am not sure this is a fact, but it is correct.

ct said...

my favorite is #8....i mean, coach should be a little more understanding but that one made me laugh out loud!!!! i can hear justin saying that too!!! bahaha....

Doc said...


Tru Stories said...

Doc- I went to their house later and had her for nearly two hours. I was forced too... after GG yanked her from my arms.