Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls!!

After a busy day, of becoming Big Sistas, New Big cousins and for poor Coco, being knocked off her "Baby of the Family Pedestal"... made for some happy but sleepy little girls.

You'll notice a missing Coco. We snuck her into our bed. She was excited for the mom and daddy time but could have done without her mother attempting to swaddle and snuggle her into a tiny baby ball.
I asked her if she was still Mommy's Baby.
She smacked me and yelled:
"Stop Smatching Me!"

After Attentive Aunt provided a healthy breakfast of whole grain muffins and grapefruit (Lucky Charms and Cookie Crisps) we got ready for Jump Rope practice.
Tink and Eleven were SUPER adorable! Double Dutching or whatever the moves are. (MAYBE, Six and The Kid, also did the jump rope... but ONLY to prep for basketball! Seriously, that's it! Stop talking about it. Don't look at me like that!! Stop finger Pointing!)

How sweet is Twelve? (Oh... by the way Commish, she nose dived during jump rope. Sorry!)

We returned back home, for a Fashion Shot Spread for a popular Magazine called:
My Stupid Aunt Forces us to Wear Matching Clothing.

Coco dubbed the above picture:
"I am over cousin time, stop hugging me SO close! We are NOT those kind of people!"

And just because 24 hours with 2 extra cousins, was not nearly enough, I was excited to be promoted to Nine's Professional Cheer leading Hair Dresser (obviously, because of MY Cheerleading experience!)

As we walked out, Nine said to me:
"I think this uniform makes me look fat."

(I think.... her daddy is in trouble.)
Because JUST LOOK at this beauty....
That's stupid ridiculous.

End Result:
My Baby Fever dimmed slightly.
NOT because of the mess from 5 children. Or the food for five children. Or the diapers, noise, Cartoon arguments... only one little thing, made me feel extra comfy with our current pack of three:
Do you have ANY idea, how obnoxious it is, to buckle up FOUR car seats and one seat belt, just to drive 6 blocks? Not cool.

Even so: How cute are all those girls?!


Unknown said...

I want copies of the tutu pictures. They are super adorable! Love, love,
Warhol - you are in big trouble. What a beauty Nine is.
Beautiful, beautiful girls and one more to add to the group.

Unknown said...

The girls are my computer wallpaper

The Mrs. said...

They are all absolutely adorable and the tutu pictures are my faves, but I'm sorry. Nine is breathtaking. Is that wrong to say about a girl not yet in junior high? Grab your gun, Warhol. You're gonna need it.

ct said...

LOVE the matching outfits!!! adorable.....warhol is also in HUGE trouble!!! 9 is a very pretty little lady! :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the girls. Eight girls from 0 to 9 means lots of fun (and heartache) for the next 20 years. We are blessed!!
14 healthy grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord! -screwedhol

Flag Girl said...

Warhol....It may be time to get your "Bad R" on!!!!

Stephanie said...

I <3 the tutu skirts, the girly photos and I can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

I join them in bed and I start and finish with the youngest she gets it twice

Anonymous said...

imagine all four in bed each one tighter than the previous, bucking and trembling in orgasm over and over

Anonymous said...

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