Friday, May 20, 2011

Show and Tell.

This afternoon, Coco was taken in as Show and Tell. Requested by her big cousin, Nine. I remembered my camera (of course) but really needed video. It played out, a little something like this:

Teacher: What or who did you bring for Show and Tell?
Nine: My cousin.
Teacher: How nice! What makes your cousin so special?
Nine: She likes to eat stuff. Like deodorant and markers. (Nine turns towards me) What other things does she eat??
Me (feeling less proud but keepin it real): Crayons, dirt, necklaces...etc.
Kids in classroom: Hysterical laughing and pointing. (Nine smiles because she is KILLING Show and Tell.)
Teacher: And is this other little girl, your cousin?
Nine: Yes. (Tink hides behind me, after glaring at the crowd. She's nobody's puppet.)
Nine: Their older brother is (insert real name. Followed by EVERY child in the class raising their hands because they know The Kid).
Some Boy: 'The Kid' called my Dad an idiot.
Me (inside my head): Then he probably IS an idiot.

Teacher (bringing the subject back around): What else can 'Coco' do?
Nine: She wears her sunglasses upside down, she made-up her name, she thinks she is a Tiger and she growls at people.
Coco: I'n a Tiger... groooowlll.
Kids in Class: She's Awesome!!
Me (inside my head):
My baby is coming off like a moron.

Teacher: I'll bet she really loves you for being her big cousin. Do you ever babysit her?
Nine: Yep. Sometimes when our parents are.... um....
Me (inside my thoughts): Don't say drinking!! Please don't say drinking!!
Nine:... when they are hanging out, I watch her. Or when we are at The Kid's baseball games, I watch....
Boy in Class: One time, 'The Kid' told me I was dumb like a baby and I probably wear diapers...'
Me (inside me head): ARE you dumb?? Gosh, my eldest sounds like a real jerk. My middle looks like a snotty brat. And the youngest, is a dirt eating puppet.

Coco pulls on Nine's shirt and does this:

Ok. That helped.
Then we handed out 100% Real Fruit Juice fruit snacks.

Mild-Stay at home Mom-Redemption.
Still, cousins are cute.


Anonymous said...

Proud to have 9 take Coco to show and tell, though she was runner up to 3 dogs.....I hate dogs so this turned out just fine. -nokillsheltersareforsuckershol

Unknown said...

When your adorable little brother used to pretend to be Battlecat you never asked to take him to school for show and tell. Maybe The Kid needs to pull back on his honesty just a tad.

Unknown said...

So far this Spring I have seen our adorable Coco eat: sand, grass, and bubbles. She is so cute!

MelancholySmile said...

Hilarious, as always!

I love that when told that The Kid called that boy's dad an idiot, your first thought was, "Then he probably IS an idiot." What a good mom!

Oh boy, that Coco can sure pose. :)

ct said...

that is hilarious! i love that nine took her to show n tell. the conversation is hilarious!!!!!!