Sunday, May 8, 2011

Did I REALLY forget, you???

Do we think, I really forgot my Number One Nephew's birthday post on Saturday? Am I that kind of aunt?

I mean, it's not as if you have ever forgotten, to watch my kids? Or have forgotten to wake-up on time. Or have forgotten, to maybe check your sugars, or mind your mother, or follow just about every rule, ever established. That certainly, doesn't sound like you?
So of course,
I wouldn't possibly forget something for you? Right??

I would hate to forget, to use my blog as a forum to remind (again) you are special. That you have talents, you can not see. Or a strength, you have not realized. I would never want to forget an opportunity, to lecture (again) how you could be so much more.
You could be just about anything.

I would never forget, to use this chance, to ask you.... Why??? You appear to have forgotten, how to shine. How to light up a room, with your charm.
Why you seem to have forgotten, where you left your 'A Game'. Or when exactly, you misplaced that future that was so bright (just one year ago) you had to wear shades??

I certainly, would never want to use this very public forum, to ask you to 'Forget Them'. Those who have doubted you. Those who never gave you the credit you deserved. Those who tried to break you.
God knows, I wouldn't want you to forget, those who probably didn't deserve you, in the first place.

I guess, I'll plead with you (just once more, because I GUESS you have forgotten)... for Bleeps Sake boy!
God reached down and blessed you, with so much of the "It Factor" you could pass your pretty sparkle Rainbow Fish Scales, out to the entire sea and
Still. Oooze. 'It'. For. Days. So... enough already. Get out there and Announce Yourself, to the world. And if you ever Forget again... you have a big ol' family ready to cheer you back into the race.

Awwww Shucks, One.
I guess maybe, I didn't forget you.
Just seems, You have forgotten You.
And I am happy to remind.
Happy Birthday One.... With all our Love.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to the #1 Charmer in the family. I've been to Oprah so I can give advice. Listen to Tru Stories. Put yourself out there and be the best you can be. Do you know what Oprah would say? If you don't, you have not been watching her show. I have the first 20 years on DVD. She can guide you where you need to be.

Anonymous said...

Tru Stories is right...You are the old lady that bought a new 67 Chevelle with a 396...and drives it 45 mph on the highway (blue hair and knuckles)...get in the left lane and pass everybody, the balls are there! -yourgodfather

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday #1. We love you soooo much. You will always be our #1. You began your life in our home with a lot of adults infatuated with you. There are now more adults(including you) in the family (aren't you glad they now live in different houses?)and they are still infatuated and full of love for you and want what is best for you. You are my #1 grandson and I love your hugs. See you next week for lunch.Love Gramma G & Grampa A

ct said...

happy birthday #1!!

Chili said...

Happy Bday Homie!

Flag Girl said...

Happy birthday One!

Coach said...

Happy Birthday, "Thug".

Doc said...

Happy birthday #1!! It was great to see you Sunday, and sing just like we did 19 short years ago!!

The Mrs. said...

Happy belated birthday, One! Thanks for indulging us by letting us sing a heartfelt version of Happy Birthday without looking too annoyed at our enthusiasm. Oh, and an extra special thanks for sharing your cake. Delish! Hope this year is The One for you.

Anonymous said...

thanks everyone, for all the gifts, birthday wishes, and advice. I might not show it as well as I used to, but I do love you guys! I have the best family in the world, and the best mom in the world, and couldn't ask for more.!

Sincerely, #1

Munchkin said...

happy birthday!