Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Times They are a Changin..

For a Hump Day, yesterday was a pretty amazing Wednesday. Full of monumental moments and a couple cute pictures.

Tink walked down a church aisle in a beautiful dress.
(Wonder how often, I will type that sentence.)
She 'graduated' preschool. And by 'graduated' I mean she finished one year of preschool and still has one more year, in the exact same preschool. Nothing like gathering to celebrate, an occasion which signifies accomplishing not much. But she sure is pretty....

I wish, we could remain blissfully ignorant to the 25 minutes I spent scrubbing her upper chest with rubbing alcohol, scrapping off skin and FINALLY the fake Tinkerbell tattoo Grammy placed on her ten days ago. Safely insuring at least 3-4 future therapy sessions, recalling this Mommy Dearest-like moment.

Next we held a nearly private Birthday Yoga, thanks to Tornado threat. Making Sweetbreads one year older but probably not any wiser.

And last, The Oprah Winfrey show ended. No... I am not falling into a depression, or worked into a tizzy. I am a realistic person. Oprah is not really my friend. I have not religiously followed her every political or personal move/suggestion with baited breath.
The fact was simply this:
Watching most of the shows, over the last 25 years, made me happy. From cute celebrities or informing decisions on my health. For the most part,
I just simply liked to watch her show.

As I watched the final episode, I was definitely melancholy. I was not feeling the Lame-Housewife loss of Oprah. I felt a little sad, thinking of my mom.
We began watching the show in the late afternoons. I was a child and would be wandering in and out of the room. Later, the show was the background to our 'what did I do in school today' talks. More recently, we would chat about the show over the phone... as I moved to an apartment blocks away, or 2 time zones away, or into a home (again just blocks away) and finally to a home an hour away. Yesterday,
I felt the loss of one sentence:
"Did you watch Oprah today??"

As life gave us heartache, joy, children, illness, dramatic ups and downs... Oprah was just something nice to watch. (I will never forget, the VERY long hour of Tink's labor, spent watching Oprah and Gayle's Cross Country Adventure, as the Anesthesiologist finished in surgery before administrating my epidural.)

Mostly, I will never forget The Oprah Show, gifted my mom and I, our Ultimate Mother/Daughter Surprise Chicago Adventure of a Lifetime.
Do you remember that time, we breathed the same air, as Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and Oprah??
That, really did happen! It's still "Unbelievable!"

So.... thanks busy Wednesday.
My full life, absolutely satisfies.


Doc said...

She does look beautiful!! Great pictures of Tink & Sweetbreads!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, Sweetbread's straw is on fire!! -NOAAhol

Anonymous said...

Not the picture of sweetbreads I wanted put up.....but cute.

Flag girl

Unknown said...

Our Tink keeps growing up! Not happy.
What will we talk about without Oprah?

The Mrs. said...

Tink, this is the most beautiful picture of you ever.