Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unbelievable! (Part One...)

1:59pm Tuesday, May 3rd:
I am comfy in sweats, preparing to take a short quiet nap. The phone rings. I'm annoyed. I grab the phone and check Caller ID. It reads 'Harpo Inc.' Almost immediately, my hands begin to shake and I answer the phone, as calmly as possible.

Me: Hello?

Harpo: Hi, this is 'someone' at The Oprah Winfrey Show. Is this 'insert my name'?

Me (calm): Umm, yeeessss.

Harpo: Hi. How are you this afternoon?

Me: I think, I am about to throw up.

Harpo: No! Don't throw up! I am calling because I read your link, how Julia Roberts would be your Dream Guest for Oprah. (Blog Link Dtd. March 29th) It just so happens, we are having Julia on our show tomorrow and would like to offer you a last minute ticket.
Are you available?

Me: Yes. Absolutely!

Harpo: Great! I have sent you an email with the details. We are also holding a private screening this evening, for her new movie with Tom Hanks called 'Larry Crowne' and Tom Hanks will be on the show as well, tomorrow. I know this is last minute but can you make it for the screening this evening?

Me: I can't breathe.

Harpo (laughing at what a ridiculous idiot I am):
You have to breathe!

Me: Yes. I can make that.

Harpo: And.... would you like to bring a guest?

Me: Yes. My mom.....

And then it began. We spoke for another 5 minutes, though I couldn't tell you what was said. When we hung up, I checked the detailed notes I had taken, while she was giving me the life-changing information....

(Seriously. That's all I wrote down.)

I check my email. Re-check my caller ID. Confirm, I had not been dreaming the past 7 minutes and quickly type up the previous blog entry. I then dial my mom at work. Tell her to check the blog because 'I had just posted the CUTEST pics of the girls" I wait, until she quietly said "Are you serious?" and at that moment:
I totally lost my $hit.

The next 17 hours, were a blur.
I call people. I walk in confused circles. I need a shower but can't find my bathroom. I think, Gramma stopped by. Flag girl was there. Someone took my kids, I really have no idea. I cry. I curse my closet (WHY didn't I shop, JUST IN CASE!) I cry. I yanked a suitcase and randomly throw mismatched clothes inside. I grab phone chargers, earrings, camera, my kids' ultrasound pics, maybe baseballs... I don't KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!! My limbs feel disconnected from my body. I'm dizzy. Coach kept calling. I cry again.

4:20pm: Grammy and I jump into the car.

We are compulsively talking. I easily screeched "This is UNBELIEVABLE" a minimum 374 times. I called the Mrs and left the following on her voicemail:
"Hi. I just wanted to let you know, this is what my voice sounds like as I am driving to the Oprah Show." We realized we had nowhere to sleep. I text Chili, he traveling-agents it, like a pro. Grammy almost runs a car off the highway. We call more people. We get to Chicago. We are sorta lost, as we look for the theatre (you know... for the PRIVATE screening, of a movie NOT released nationwide until July 1st!!) Grammy may have driven the wrong way, down a MAJOR one way street. Then we find the theatre.
Snotty rich people waiting in our movie line, are bored with the Regularness of attending Oprah. I am shaking and smiling like a stoned-lunatic. The Oprah Show provides free Soda and Popcorn. The movie is cute. Next, to the hotel, for barely 4 hrs of sleep. Alarm is off at 4:50am. Rush to get ready. In Taxi by 6:20am.
Harpo Studios, minutes later.

I will save Part 2 for Friday afternoon.
I WILL say....
Oprah, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.... "My Australia".
It was amazing. I did not meet or become besties with anyone. But there were GREAT surprises.
(No trips or cars.)
Check back Friday afternoon. For my final recap.
(The Show airs on Friday, May 6th.)

For now, exactly 24 hours later, I am crashing off a high, as extreme as (ummm... maybe heroin??? Idk..I'm not actually an experienced drug user.) Honestly, one of the VERY best days of my life.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

And Dear Bucket List-
You are officially, one HUGE spot EMPTY!!


Unknown said...

Is this for real? Did we really share a dream come true? Rumor has it we ATTENDED OPRAH! Amazing! What a wild ride.

The Mrs. said...

Un-flipping-believable! Like I told you (screamed at you) yesterday, things like this don't happen to people I know! Misguided poo, yes. Last minute Oprah tickets? No way!

MelancholySmile said...

I have the biggest, goofiest grin on my face as I read this! I'm sooo happy for you. What a dream come true!

Tina said...

OMG, you have no idea what state WE were in. I coulndn't image the state you guys were in. Can't wait to hear ALL about it..Live the dream thru you guys. thanks

Munchkin said...

you have nice hand writing

ct said...

i still can't believe it! i text coach first thing wednesday morning to ask him if it was for real! ;) when he said yes and said, i can not imagine how excited she's reply: "it was unreal"........

i have my dvr ready to record tomorrow's oprah! can't wait!!!

Tru Stories said...

Thanks, Munchkin.
My mom has always hated my handwriting. You have validated me.

Unknown said...

Really? I always HATED your handwriting. That might be a bit harsh.