Monday, May 23, 2011

People should be warned, if they email me funny stuff....

The letter below, was actually written by a friend of mine and then emailed to the particular Fast-Food establishment. (I have sorta changed the names, to protect the innocent.)

Dear Sir,

After a recent excursion at the local McDooDaa’s, a colleague and I have formulated a few questions surrounding your strategic intent. Below is an account of the events as we entered the local establishment.

Upon entering, we immediately notice a whirlwind of staring, nodding, and false starts as it relates to who is next to order a meal or pick up their food. To emphasize this point imagine a room full of customers and the attendant calling out…FISH Sandwich… to the group on a Friday during lent.

With the above mentioned experience we have formulated a few opinions on why this process is in place.

Theory #1 – This is a social experiment measuring the time and amount of frustration it takes before customers decide to go elsewhere.

Theory #2 – This is a strategic business decision enabling McDooDaa’s to be recession proof…meaning if the customer can navigate thru the above confusion then you are more likely to be of a strategic nature and keep employment in a time of job loss – thus McDooDaa’s customers and business is sustainable.

Theory #3 – A tangent of theory #2 focused on natural selection… if you can’t survive the fight, you don’t eat, thus the strong survive boosting business and lifespan of customers and making an inclusive environment that thrives on the competitive nature of people.

Thank you,
Mr. Man

Not only, is this letter amusing....
It proves:
I am not the lone person in my inner circle, lacking a filter.... with too much free time, an overload of sarcasm and access to a computer.


Unknown said...

The Commish is funny. I am not confused at all by the two line system. IT is easy. Course, I work in the city. It can be more fast paced here. We need to get the food and go! We like the illusion that we are moving more quickly through the line.

Tru Stories said...

Actually, The Commish did not write this.

Doc said...

I thought it was the Commish also!!

Anonymous said...

The commish did write one, although it obviously wasn't eloquent enough to make the blog. There is no two line system. It's a total cluster. To prove it, I will take all of you to mcronalds on a Friday in lent next year. Take your blood pressure medicine before lunch that day.