Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

To my mother-in-law
Who we are especially grateful for this week. You are a much needed, part of this family.

To our Grandmothers.
Those I carry in my heart and to Lil GG, who we could probably carry in our hand. She's cute!

To the god-mothers of my children.
Who take special care to love my babies.

To the many women, in my life.
Who are a crucial part of my sanity, my extra reason to smile and a positive, loving presence for myself and my children.

And Last:
To my very own mother.
Who gave me life. Cared for me, through childhood AND adulthood. Taught me how to love, how to parent and how to laugh through tears. And who also, drove me to the Oprah Show, this week.
Do you remember that time, we went to Oprah?

Love to you all.


Unknown said...

To My Daughter, my friend - I'm so proud of the woman you are, the mother you are, and the wonderful support you are to me. Love You!

Anonymous said...

Tru stories, thank you for needing me. I am more than greatful to be here and owe it to my loving Father who gave me symptoms to recognize and act upon.

We have wonderful Mothers of my grandchildren. Thank you all for such a great loving family. Gramma G

Unknown said...

Gramma G - Glad you acted upon your symptoms. I could not ask for a better woman to share my family with. You are an amazing Mother & Grandmother.
Happy Mother's Day!