Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cute Up Your Corner... Again!

My parents, grew-up in 'Our Small Town', married and moved to the City. As a child, I fell in love with this town, while visiting my extended family. I spent 5 days (always 5 days) Summering here. I felt safe and completely enthralled with small town life.
My cousins, were allowed to ride their bikes several blocks from home! They walked alone to Grandma's, went to Bible school with friends and seemed to eat Fried Cinnamon's for breakfast every morning.
Several years after I began raising my children here, my Pleasantville Love Affair, continues to thrive.
I love to walk uptown or to the Ballfield.
I love attending my nieces and nephews events, dining at Turtles and having our children's Doctor nearby.
I love our weekly stop at The Dairy Queen. (occasionally, twice weekly.) We had a Dairy Queen in my town but weirdly, it was not nearly as magical!
Sadly, as with many small towns around this country, our Quaint Oasis, is threatened. As small businesses close, the shine of our downtown is fading, our Park and Recs program has been dramatically slashed and our baseball complex has been left tattered by age plus a pretty angry tornado.
Our community needs an IMPACT.
Several dedicated volunteers including The Commissioner and Grammy, have devoted hours searching their creative core while simultaneously learning a little about politics. They plan to put the Skip back in Our Town's step. If it 'Takes a Village' to bring Our Town back to it's former glory, I am grateful to have them as my fellow residents.

I would like to reintroduce our plan to...
'Cute Up Your Corner'.

There are several towns across America, who have chosen a 'theme'. A nearby town adopted Pink Petunias. Washington State and Michigan are famous for tulips, Washington D.C. for Cherry Blossoms...etc.
I encourage this community to pump a cheerful shot of Yellow into our neighborhoods. Put a smile, back into your evening stroll and declare to visitors
'living in Our Town Equals seriously happy people'.
Please, find a small space in your yard (or maybe even your grandparents!). Your corner, around a tree, your front porch or even a small window box.
Splash yellow all up, down and around it.
Yellow Tulips or daffodils, in the Spring.
Yellow Day Lilies/Bright annuals in the Summer
and Big, bushy yellow Mums in the Fall.
Obviously, all participants are not required to follow our flower suggestions. Certainly, inject your color of choice across your curb. Not all of us have the skin tone to pull off yellow! Though, I am positive your yard has the perfect complexion for cheerful.
Picture if you please... driving to work each morning, greeted by hundreds of bright yellow Tulips, waving hello. Strolling in the evening, admiring the warm glow of Day Lilies.
And yellow Mums gracing each corner, screams 'Fall Festivals are Awesome'!
Why stop with your yard? Impact received the City Council's approval for citizens to 'Adopt' public locations to "Cute Up!"
Please contact us, to become the proud adoptive parent of your very own City Corner. Park Entrances, Schools, Nursing Homes, The Pool Entrance, Churches, the Town Welcome signs. The more interest generated, the more locations we will foster to your family or organization.
Real-Life Pleasantville, can be a dream realized.
I believe, flowers can make any ol' Grump smile,
a burst of color can inspire a child's creativity and one person can beautify a community with their simple idea and a 'Grass roots' campaign.
Change can begin, at your front porch.

Cute Up Your Corner,
officially Re-implemented.


Unknown said...

I love going through town and seeing the new flowers. Always a little spark of happiness.

Chili said...

Pleeeeaaaase Oprah, Don't leave us!!!!

arizona said...

if the world ends tmrw, will you still blog?